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The Everlasting Dream: Chapter 2

by Mia Torchic

Mia Torchic When Jade turns 10 her older brother gives her her first pokémon game. What happens when she get's transported into the game? Read to find out
Jade woke up the next morning but her room looked different, she got out of bed and looked out her window and guess what she saw. Pokemon! What I don’t believe this how are there pokemon outside my window and why is everything so different. “Jade, come down for breakfast,” said a voice she had never heard before. “Coming,” said Jade because she thought it felt right. Jade got dressed in strange clothes she had never seen before and headed downstairs when she got down there she saw a woman who looked strangely like the mom from her pokemon game. “So Jade what do you want for breakfast today I made your favorite, pancakes! are you okay you look a little confused remember to go to the professor's lab he says he will give you your own pokemon today,” said mom. Wow! she was stuck inside her video game please let this be a dream Jade thought.
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  1. Mia Torchic
    Mia Torchic
    I wish XD
    Apr 9, 2015
  2. the pokemon master quotev
    the pokemon master quotev
    id be saying "pleas let this be real" <.>
    Apr 7, 2015