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A New Begginning: The Ending of Sylon and the Beginnings of Sylv and John

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper A new series. This is a 1 part thing theres gonna also be A Sylv adventure and A John adventure.
One day a person named Sylon once roamed a town a nice person no one knew Sylon's gender. One day Sylon found the pokemon called Arceus Sylon asked to become a gender.
So Arceus ripped Sylon into two and sent them to Kalos and here is where the real action begins.
Chapter 1. Kalos
Sylv: Ugh huh where am I?
Grace: Kids come down here our stewpid neighbors are stocking us again get the brooms.
John: AAAHHHH I'm a boy.
Sylv: And I'm a girl.
John and Sylv: AWESOME we have genders.
Grace: Kids now get rid of the stockers.
John: Sylv come on WE'RE COMING.
*John and Sylv grab brooms and walk outside
John: Shoo Shoo.
Sylv: Go move it.
Serena: Wait we need to tell you something.
John and Sylv: What?
Calem: We need you Prof. Suksomemore told us to get your sou..... I mean to get you to choose your starters.
Serena: Here's some from the Dirty Hoe region it's nothing compared to the fancy Kalos region.
Sylv: Ok thanks?
John: Thanks Bitches suksomemore of my dust.
Sylv: Wait up John.
John: Ok I go that way and you go that way go.
Sylv: Ok.