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The Egg

by Sciencewars

Sciencewars For this Flash Challenge, I pretty much just threw every legendary into a pot and got this. It worked???
In the beginning, there was darkness. Nothing existed.

Then there was an egg. That egg slumbered infinitely.

Then it awoke. Time started to move. Space started to form. The darkness grew.

Lakes and rivers formed upon the egg. The land rose, the sea fell, the sky rushed.

Day and night split, only separated by the icy dawn. Magma rose from the egg.

The moon and sun were at peace.

Fire and water rained from the beings in the sky.

The dogs of the land and the birds of the sky formed with fire, ice, and lighting.

Eons flew above and titans awoke below.

The crescent moon shined against the night.

The wind and thunder struck the land.

Justice formed balance.

The dragon and beast of balance came with them.

The artificial one awoke.

Life and death came.

The egg hatched.
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