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Pokébaby contest: The Egg Hatches

by crazyone

crazyone *Congratulations! You received a Ralts from the egg. What are going to name your new pokémon?*
*me* Hmm, what should I call you?
Serene? No, Noir called his one that.
Sapphire? *Ralts seems judgmental* No? okay then.
Hmm...Ah ha! how about Nayru?
*Ralts seems happy with that name* Nayru it is then.

The pokémon I chose in @Zamcio 's Pokébaby contest is... well this shiny little Ralts for the contest.
Name: Nayru
Gender: Female
Region: Hoenn, Hatched during exploration through Petalburg Woods
Special move: Mean Look
Ability: Telepathy

*note to self: Quit staying up at 3:00 AM just to upload art and check for updates*
Ariados twice, Zamcio and Localised like this.