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The EEVEE twins story part 7

by Therealist770

Therealist770 Last part of season one
(Umbra) mom I've been hearing a about a super RARE Pokemon hoopa what's that (eve) well it's a legendary Pokemon its the ultimate Pokemon but it's super powerful it can one shot a RAYQAZZA and a regigiggas (umbra) can't all Pokemon one shot regigiggas (eve) no maybe so (Ada) babe I've got somthing to tell ya where going to HOOPA convention alone by ourselves (umbra) ok (when they get there) (dr hoop) all right folks today at the hoopa convention is the one the only HOOPA (hoopa) allayhooparing hoopa can do anything (???) hey I've never seen hoopa I'll turn it evil hey it's that kid he stole my Eeveelutions I'll kill him with hoopa (shoots death ray) (hoopa) huh hoopa must kill him (uses hyperspace ring (Ada) UMBRA MOVE (pushes umbra out the way) (umbra) you saved me (kisses her) (hoopa) DIE NOW (umbra) huh what that picks up (eternal blade) umbreon GO use soul enchant on my sowrd to make it stronger (umbreon) uses soul enchant (hoopa) (uses hyperspace fury umbra dodges it and counters I attacks) raghhhhhhh (uses fury ring) (umbra) ah crap (stabs hoopa) umbreon shadow ball and dark pulse come on out frostbite and use Avalanche you too sparks use thunderclap (Ada) go SYLVEON use swift (hoopa) ragghhhhhhhghhghhh (uses hyperspace fury furyring and omega ring) (umbra) ahhh (falls on the floor) (Ada) no frostbite sparks use ANYTHING umbra no don't die on me please (umbra) uhhhhhh (Ada) wait sylveon use recover in him (umbra) huh im alive thanks Ada (kisses her then goes and stabs hoopa) (hoopa) he's not dead that's it (uses hyper beam) (umbra) (dodges) and stabs again (hoopa) raghhhhhhh no if I die than gahhh I can't die (goes crazy with attacks) (umbra) ah huuuuuu then stabs hoopa in the heart (hoopa) ah........., (Ada and umbra) we did it Yes (hoopa) you can't you can't KILLLLLL MEEEEEEEE (stabs umbra in the back (ada) no NOOOOOOOOOOO (starts crying) why umbra whyyyy (nararator) NOOOOO UMBRA DIES WHY well that's that if your wondering what the heck,s going on he's gonna come back in season two also the dudes name well be reveald for more spoilers go to my conversations so good by Smiley face
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  1. WindRyder
    ;_; But at least he will come back in season 2
    Jun 9, 2016