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My Life My Rules My Choices: The Disaster ~7~

by MellowMarshmallow

MellowMarshmallow We all have the joy of riding on giant spiders, and Becca will demolish Bugsy, and someone evolves in the next chapter... Make sure to check out @Typhlo.sion 's series as well
"Here it is!" Piper said excitedly.
"Piper, these are bug types. Be careful with Bayleef-" Becca trailed as Piper happily walked to the Pokecentre.
Piper saw Becca give Quilava his gift, she had been saving for a long time, she could see how happy they both were.
"Okay, let's go guys!" Piper bounded towards the gym.
"I AM BUGSY! If you want to challenge me, you'll have to reach me first!" Becca and Piper said the same thing in unison.
"What does that mean?" Then Piper heard the terrible noise of her worst nightmare.
"ARIADOS!" The creature shrieked.
"I'm supposed to ride those things?!!?!" Becca said horrified.
"Yep!" Bugsy said happily.
"AUUUUGH! You know, maybe I don't need the badge?" Becca started walking towards the exit.
"Oh no you don't! You have to do this!" Piper dragged Becca into the gym.
"I can't do this!" Becca cried.
"Yes you can!" Piper said encouragingly. Becca took a deep breath,and walked towards Bugsy, burning any araidos that came near her.
"Go Quilava!" Becca sent out her Pokemon, and Bugsy sent out a Metapod.
"Use flamethrower!" Quilava ran over towards the Metapod, but was blinded by the light that came fromit using harden, then he got trapped for a short amount of time from the string shot, but he burned the string with ember, and flamethrower was fired once again, and the Metapod fainted.
"Kakuna go!" Bugsy sent out the kakuna, and Quilava once again fainted the Pokemon.
"Okay Scyther, let's show em what we got." Bugsy sent out a green Pokemon, with scythes for hands.
"SCYTHER!" The Pokemon screeched.
"Okay Quilava, use Flamethrower again!" Quilava ran up to use Flamethrower, but when he attacked, the Scyther was gone, he turned around, but it was to late.
"QUILAVA!" The Scyther swatted the back of his head, then Quilava was engulfed in flames, he had learned overheat, the Scyther fainted, and so did Quilava.
"Comgrats! Here is the Hive badge." Bugsy handed Becca the Badge.
"YAY!" Piper ran up and gave Becca a hug.
" Come on! We have to take Quilava to the Pokemon center!" Piper said.
"But aren't you going to battle the gym?" Becca asked.
"I can wait until later." Piper looked at the now setting sun.
  1. MellowMarshmallow
    oh noes xD
    Mar 6, 2017
  2. ekatsu
    Mar 6, 2017