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the destroyd region

by milan beerepoot

milan beerepoot this isn't real. it's my idea
The Benned region. The region where hero's are born. The first without organic starters. Flamer, the fireball pokemon. it is believed to be a spirit or ghost that possesd a flame to survive dark moves.
Wirly, the wirl pokemon. a wirl that sucked up a small ship and ganed life by people praying to arceus. arceus exedanitly gave life to the wirl and not to the people. Grassmite, the grassprite pokemon. it desired to speak so bad, it ganed a face to say words. But it only learned the letters G R A S M I T E. the legendarys are living peacefully. combeon, the mix pokemon. it is believed to live in the vulcanion forest's combined dimension. it can combine everything. the rival pokemon superheroic and supervillainous are planning a war. mewfore is stuck in the cave. Sharepetie is raising delibirds. mount darkseid is attacking mount lightseid. the war is destroying the entire region . after a long time, the legendary's finaly know wat the're doing and stop the war. but the destroyd region cause them to die. and the war ended into the region sinking.