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The D.j Kitty Cafe

by AssassinGallade

AssassinGallade This is the continuation of the 1st part
After realizing that their would hangout be useless without something fun to do the three friends that were D.j Hydriegon, Kitty Noir, and Cafe-Mocha began thinking of ideas to help the hangout. "What if we." "No." Responded Cafe-Mocha to Kitty Noir "Maybe if we." "No." "Let me talk!" "Ok you could've just asked." "Maybe if we bring in a new member to the team then maybe this place will be more interesting." "NO! You know the rules no inviting random people in here!" Said D.j Hydriegon to Kitty Noir"She's got a point this place would probably be more interesting with another member." Said Cafe-Mocha "WHAT!" Exclaimed D.j the Hydriegon. "Cmon guys you know rules!" Suddenly there was a knock at the door. *Knock* *Knock* "Alright guys this funny who ordered pizza again!" Said D.j Hydriegon "I didn't." Said Kitty Noir "Neither did I." Said Cafe-Mocha "Then who's at the door?" Asked D.j Hydriegon nervously *Knocks get harder* Kitty Noir answers the door and shuts it immediately after seeing who was outside. "I'm not going out there!" She said "i
It can't be that bad I mean cmon." Said Cafe-Mocha as he went to go open the door who also shuts the door. "Yup she was right!" "Uh do I have to do everything myself!" Said D.j Hydriegon as he also went to go open the door "Hello and I'm sorry about my friend......." says D.j Hydriegon as he open the door and to his surprise say AssassinGallade at their door. "Uh hello who might you be?" Asks D.j Hydriegon nervously"I'm just here because I heard you were looking for new members" says the AssassinGallade as he shows D.j Hydriegon a flyer. Kitty Noir and Cafe-Mocha giggle nervously in the background. "GUYS!!!!!!!"

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