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The Cursed Tides: The Cursed Tides Chapter 4: A deadly encounter? Or a wonderful discovery?

by OmegaCarvineplays

OmegaCarvineplays Omega and Sarah's lives are now in the hands of Captain Oceanic and his water type Pokemon. But when they find a new threat it's Omega and Sarah against Team Vortex, a strange team seeking the power of Shadow Lugia.
The boat rocked and listed as the severity of the storm increased. Swampy, Siren, King and Peace helped the other water types. Captain Oceanic was grateful for the help and laughed." I never expected a shiny Swampert, Milotic, Empoleon and another Milotic to my crew. I owe you 2. Poliwhirls, Croconaws, Buizels and Golducks sometimes aren't enough." He smiled and exited the cabin to go to the other room. Omega and Sarah both made small talk until they got bored. They decided to go to sleep and they managed a compromise of who got what part of the cabin." Oh my Arceus Omega you are so untidy." Sarah rolled her eyes and grabbed his headphones. She threw them at him and he caught them." Well I'm sorry miss perfect champion of Sinnoh." He retorted and they both laughed. A little while later they had fallen asleep.

Matt had just finished his patrol. Of the surrounding area of the cave. Being in Team Vortex kind of sucked when he had to do the boring stuff, although he did catch a Sharpedo. Jaws was now his strongest Pokemon and he scared the stuffing out of the Seadra called Prince. As he went to walk back into HQ he heard a loud smash that obviously wasn't a wave. He went to investigate as it was his job and he gasped when he saw the stranded boat SS. CRYSTAL'S POWER.