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The Cursed Tides: The Cursed Tides Chapter 2: The clock has started.

by OmegaCarvineplays

OmegaCarvineplays After the news Omega shall make the decision: Go or stay. Time for him to step up.
Omega stood and walked to his mum and hugged her." Mum I will come back I promise you don't need to cry." He assured her as he pulled away." You... need to visit Sarah." She stuttered and smiled faintly, knowing this might be the last time she saw her son." Oh shoot you're right." Omega said cheerfully and raced upstairs. He grabbed his black backpack and a coat. He checked his belt to see his pokeballs." 2 pokeballs, 2 dusk balls, 1 quick ball and 1 dive ball. Perfect!" He smiled and slid down the bannister." See ya later mum." He shouted, high fives Yang, his mums gallade and ran out of the door. Rain lightly spattered against his hat and coat but he ran regardless. A few minutes later and 2 streets down he found her house. He stepped under the porch and knocked the door. It opened and he was pulled inside by a hand." Hey there knucklehead I guess you got the news." The voice exclaimed.

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