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The Cursed Tides: The Cursed Tides Chapter 1: The journey begins.

by OmegaCarvineplays

OmegaCarvineplays A new force has awoken in the seas: Shadow Lugia. A quiet town will be changed forever and only a innocent child can stop it.
" Unexpected gale force winds are predicted to hit the shores of Blue Bay Town. Many experts believe a Pokemon may be the cause. Search parties have not returned after heading out into Tidal Chasm." The reporter on the TV announced during dinner." Oh come on a Pokemon couldn't do that!" Omega shouted at the TV." Dear stop now. We can't shout at the table." Emily Carvine, Omega's mum, explained." Mum I should be chosen for a search party. I am a League Champion!" He said through gritted teeth." Oh dear I shouldn't have kept this from you..." Emily's voice trailed off in despair." What mum? What's wrong?" Omega leaned across the table. A lone tear streaked down her face and she whispered softly." Professor Beech has asked for you and Sarah to join the next search team."

More in Chapter 2
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