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The Darkness Of The Poke World: The curse

by Moka175

The next morning she found her self sleeping on Tanner's sholder "ah" she gasped They walked to the nearest town and to the library Cathrine read a book call the curse of newvema town and the curse started the same night her brother died she wanted the book so she bought it.Tanner found a book that was just like the pokedex so he bought that one Isabella found a book on aliens and robots and she bought it, that night Cathrine heared her name being called from the door it was a male voice and she also heard Tanner's name the both ran and Tanne saw his best friend hanging out side of the door and behind him was Cathrine's brother and many other dead people.Cathrine screamed as she was pulled into the dark hallway (chapter 4 soon<3)
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