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The Curse of Writer's Block

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey I decided I wanted to do a little brain exercise today. This short follows a hapless writer struggling with writer's block. It is not about me in particular but rather anyone who has ever experienced writer's block before.
A lonely writer stared at the blank document on their laptop’s screen. The writer was itching to write something, anything, but the ideas just were not coming. Not even a single paragraph, sentence, or even the tiniest word could be produced. It seemed to be a case of the cursed affliction known as writer’s block, an ailment that seemed to be as persistent as the common cold. The struggle for inspiration was real.

The writer scratched their brow then rubbed the back of their head before standing up and doing stretches. Then they went for a walk to nowhere. Were these the actions of frustration, boredom, procrastination, or was the silliness something to get the blood flowing in a hopeless attempt to generate ideas?

“Maybe I can get inspiration online!” the writer figured. Thus began the internet shenanigans. The writer read various manga, watched various anime, listened to various music, and dicked around on various other sites. By the end of the night the writer was exhausted, eyes wide and bloodshot. At the very least the writer was successful in finding inspiration. Yes, too successful. So many ideas had been poured in their brain that they thought their head would explode!

Romanic comedy? Cop drama? Superhero action? Space opera? Gritty SciFi? Historical tragedy? Medieval fantasy? Suspenseful thriller? A cautionary tale on the folly of humanity? Over the top parody? Some bastardized combination of all of the above!? All of the ideas swirled around the writer’s mind like a large pile of shit that just would not go down no matter how many times the toilet was flushed! Each idea battled for dominance like gladiators in the arena within the writer’s skull. The dreaded writer’s block was clearly gone and forgotten but this supersaturation of ideas that had replaced it was the complete opposite yet just as unproductive! Even though ideas are nothing like blood, the hemorrhaging of thoughts caused the writer to pass out.

That night the writer had the most wonderful dream! It was amazing! The writer woke up feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. They knew exactly what to write about! They would write the details of their dream and it would be the most awesome story ever! Unfortunately, writing awesome stories alone did not pay the bills. The writer had squandered their day off yesterday and today it was back to work!

All day the writer tried to keep thinking of the dream they had last night. They must keep it alive and intact in their head! When the writer returned home, they rushed to their laptop, opened it up, turned it on, and anxiously waited for it to boot up. As soon as everything was ready, the writer splayed their fingers ready to start typing vigorously, but…

“No…” the writer whispered quietly. “No, no, no, nonononononono! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” they wailed in anguish throwing their hands over their face and leaning as far back in their chair as they could without falling over. Over the course of the day details of the dream had faded and blurred. The awesome story was gone. Deleted before it could ever be. It was always the same. When the writer was away from a computer or had little time, the ideas were clear as day. When the writer sat at their laptop with ample time their mind was covered in an impenetrable fog.

Be brave sobbing writer! One day your mind will be clear and the words will flow through you.
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