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The Crisis Returns: The Crisis Returns! Pt.1

by Dertholntez

Dertholntez Hey guys , sry if haven't posted for a long time , yep it was a pretty long time.Anyways lets cut to the chase and hope you people enjoy!
Citizens of Kanto will always remember the crisis that occurred years ago . The Team Rocket Crisis . Historians or history aficionados have indeed made a theory that maybe the Legendary Pokemon have awoken because of their meddling . Team Rocket had actually weakened Arceus permanently making Arceus less powerful . Because of this , the legendaries were out of control and escaped as what it was called in the book of "Sancretorium" , Chamber of Emptiness. But it's also funny how the cave in Kalos located near the Victory Road is called the Chamber of Emptiness . Could it be the dwelling of these sacred beasts?It is still an anomaly we have to solve and hopefully we will.......

(Flashback) "Hey , Lance . Did you see those guys in that purple costume!" . "Yeah , I did!Who are they?Are they the police?" ."I don't think so , maybe it was what dad said." . "What did dad say?" . "He said these people were ultimately cruel to pokemon and tormented people who helped these pokemon to escape." . "You mean Team Rocket!?" . "Team Rocket!?I thought they were good guys.They helped President Rochi to build the first ever Elite Four!" . "Looks like they were bad guys after all." .(Flashback over)


There was Max , sitting on his bed in a cozy old house in some small village in Kanto and reminiscing the times with Lance . So much thoughts , theories , lies and truths which were revealed at that time were still ringing in his ears . He hated Team Rocket . "JEEZ!" . "So much memories , why now though." . "Is there like something coincidental going to happen." . "Maybe.My luck is always at its worst." . (Max's mom then walks in and from what he could tell , she felt so much inhibition.) "Max!Max!You're safe!"wailed Augustine."What is it Mum.Something happened!?". "Team R-r-rock-ket!They've come back!". "They came back!Where are they now!"said Max."They're wreaking havoc!In the village!!They j-just came suddenly.They want something from here maybe that cave near us!I don't know but you're a champion Max , save us!"wailed Augustine.(Then she suddenly fainted.)"Mum!Mum!Ahhh!Jeez , freaking Team Rocket!" . (Max rushes out and realized that the village was burning and the houses all turned into actual ash.The trees were all in flames and Team Rocket were just leaving on the sea nearby the village to go to a cave that no one had ever entered.)"STOP!!"ordered Max.

A masked figure walked in front and he had a long tattered cape and he had a velvet coloured coat like as though it was a robe.One thing for sure , he looked damn strong . "Yes......Max."said the shady man."What is your business here!What happened to Giovanni anyways!"said Max."We got rid of him.He's no use at all.He let go of his own creations , wasting loads of money just on service and just to find a genetically grown experiment.Treating it with cruelty too."said the shady man."Treating with cruelty too!?You're being a real big hypocrite!You just killed people and you're not calling that cruelty!"exclaimed Max."You don't understand.These people have committed big crimes and in that time , capturing them would be lots and lots of money.You see , these people were all enemies to the righteous and to the Government.That is why they deserve justice."."Well that's not the way.Maybe some of these people are innocent!" . "This "village" is not an actual village , it was the Team Rocket headquarters!This was where Silph.Co was!That is why the descendants are these traitors.Not only shall we halt criminal prejudice , we shall halt the torture of pokemon by capturing all of them and one day , our goal shall be fulfilled.This especially concludes the legendaries!" . "I can't let you do that.This is exactly like what Team Plasma did , fooling the government by setting a good plan.You're using the pokemon to revive the gods of pokemon!"explains Max.

The shady man chuckled then applauds."Well done , Max.You got it right the second I explained .But , I can't let you spoil the fun right?Well have fun with what you think is your mother.Augustine!"said the masked man.Augustine walks forward and douses into a digital form which was like a robot!She turned into a fully suited human but not sure if it was a humanoid."Mom!You're Team Rocket!Well , no!Dragonite!Battle!" . "Heh....worthless , truly worthless."hissed Augustine.Dragonite swoops down and does a hyper beam attack on Augustine.Dodging it , Augustine swiftly runs and jumps on Dragonite and immobilizes him."Dragonite!Get up!!"shouts Max."Max , you can't do anything now.Go , call your other pokemon . They'll all fail."said Augustine."No,no,no,no!!"."YAAAAH!!". Max turns into an aura figure and destroys Augustine with ultimate speed and indomitable strength.

Augustine falls and fails to get up.The shady man then reveals the mask.It was who you were probably not thinking of (actually it's quite obvious) .....Lance."Lance?!How could you!I knew it , it was coincidental."said Max."Nope , it isn't.Its fate.Yes , cliché but true.But ....that power.It was strong indeed.Maybe , just maybe you could be one of the "frame of the gods".said Lance."Frame of the gods , you mean God reincarnate." . "Yeah , God reincarnate."said Lance . "That power.It frightens me but it won't stop my goal , hopefully but of course the hero will have to win.....not this time."said Lance."Oh , yeah it will."said Max."Will see."said Lance."It's farewell to you Max.We shall be off to Cerulean Cave.If you ever wish to drop by though , it would be a pleasure."said Lance."Yeah , wouldn't mind."said Max."Hmph , just like old times."said Lance."We'll get your Rayquaza soon."says Lance.Lance and the whole team then vanish into thin air within a blink of an eye.Max was confused.Rayquaza , next to his village!?He was sure to check it out.

To be continued.....