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The PC: The Conversation

by Azurea

Azurea Just a draft
Before Bill sat down he ordered a Tapu Cocoa and he sat down across from Negil
"So,wha' ya wan'?"he took a sip of his Tapu Cocoa,his Vulpix Sitting on his lap.
"It's about the PCs you made..." Bill cocked his head and looked at Vulpix
"So,wha' a'bout 'em?"
Negil looked down at her lap and sighed before raising her head again "what do Pokémon do in the PC boxes?"
"Wha'?ah don-"
"No!what are Pokémon supposed to do in the Boxes?!"
"Ah,Nahgil,Ah do-"
"NO!Who feeds the Pokémon?!who takes care of them?!"Negil sat up and Vulpix jumped onto the table growling
"VULPIX!!get off th' table!!"Bill jumped up and grabbed Vulpix,she struggled in Bill's arms.
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