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The Collapse Chapter 2

by The Jackel

The Jackel In this chapter Dialga king of time enters the Pokemon world he is angry Lina, Snow, and Spike must leave
Chapter 2 King Dialga
It was a normal day Pokemon were playing and battling for fun. ''Your never gonna beat me spike I am a ice type" Said Snow. "I am not giving up I am gonna try until I evolve" Spike said frustrated. "You two just stop!" I say to keep them from fighting. The rest of that day Spike and Snow didn't talk that much... Until a ginormous hole in the ground oped up everyone was scared especially when two blood red eyes poked out. Its was Dialga King of Time!
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  1. The Jackel
    The Jackel
    Sorry if this chapter dose not make much sense.:( Chapter 3 will come out today two. Enjoy and thanks for the support.:)
    Jan 10, 2015