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The Chronicles of Tim Wood: The Chronicles of Tim Wood

by Mockingchu

Mockingchu Tim Wood is an ordinary trainer from Verdanturf Town who is destined to do extraordinary things.
Tim Wood woke up, and breathed in the fresh air. Verdanturf Town was a beautiful town, filled with wondeful people. Tim was one of those people. And today, he was headed to the Battle Tent. He was determined to one day become the champion of the Hoenn Region. But to do that, he needed to get battling experience. He didn't have his own Pokemon, so Tim had to practice at the Battle Tent, where he was loaned Pokemon.
Tim got out of his Twin-Sized bed, and got out of his Rayquaza pajamas. He pulled on a blue v-neck t-shirt, a khaki slacks. He pulled on some long white socks, and stumbled downstairs into the kitchen. His mom was preparing oatmeal for him and his father. His dad was reading a newspaper on a blue couch in the living room. Tim was glad that his father was finally home. He was usually off in another region working as an International Detective. Most recently, he had shut down a base of Team Flare's that was based in the Orange Islands. Finally he was home. Tim hugged his parents, and sat down to eat the oatmeal before pulling on a white jacket and heading across town to the Battle Tent.
Tim approached the large red and blue building, and he shivered in excitement. He'd been to the Battle Tent before, but only as a spectator. Today, he would finally battle. And it wasn't just any battle. Today was the Verdanturf Tourney. He stepped into the tent, and saw eleven other trainers stretching alongside their Pokemon. Most trainers came from out of town, but Tim spotted Frank, Levi, and Mary. Frank was the biggest kid around. He wrestled with his Machamp daily. And then he wrestled with kids like Tim. Tim hoped he could battle Frank and take him down. Levi was a nice kid, and very smart. He studied up on all sorts of battle strategies, but he also studied basic subjects like math, science, and history. Mary was a prankster. Her and her Misdreavus, Elekid, and Nuzleaf would often go around pantsing people, or putting Spinaraks in their backpacks. But for the most part, Mary was nice when you got to know her.
"Look, Tim the Twig decided to show up," Frank smirked, crossing his large arms over his chest. His Machamp did the same.
"Nice to see you too Frank," Tim growled. He approached the desk to enter the Battle Tent tournament.
"Hello trainer," the receptionist smiled.
"Actually, I'm not a trainer- yet," Tim sighed, "Is there any Pokemon you could loan me?"
"Uh, the rental Pokemon are at the Slateport Tent," the receptionist explained, "You have to use your own Pokemon here. I'm sorry."
"Oh," Tim looked down, "Okay."
He exited the tent and immediately heard screaming. Verdanturf Town was on fire!
"Tim!" Tim's dad yelled over the roar of flames and the high pitched screams, "Get inside!"
"What's going on?" Tim asked, sprinting over to his dad.
"Team Flare," Tim's dad said, clenching his fists, "They've come for me. Go inside and stay there."
"But Dad-"
Tim ran inside. Tim's dad approached three men in red jackets that were spraying flames out of massive steel flamethrowers.
"Team Flare!" Tim's dad yelled, "It's me you want! Leave the rest of the town alone!"
"You dared to mess with Team Flare," one of the Flare agents growled, "Now this whole town will find out what happens when you mess with us."
The Flare agent aimed his flamethrower at Tim's dad, and unleashed searing flames. Tim's dad dove out of the way, and sent out Houndoom. Houndoom fought fire with fire while Tim's dad sent out his next Pokemon, Wartortle. Wartortle used Hydro Pump and sent the Flare agents flying into Rusturf Tunnel. Tim's dad ran over to the Flare agents, and knelt down to handcuff them. One agent flung a Pokeball up, and a Golem came out.
"Use Explosion!" the agent thundered. The Golem glowed, then exploded in a bright flash. Rusturf Tunnel collapsed. With the agents and Tim's dad inside.
"Dad!" Tim yelled, running over to the crushed tunnel. But the rubble was too thick. He couldn't find his father. He collapsed, sobbing. Tim's mom ran over, hugged Tim, and cried with him.
Suddenly, the debris was shot upwards. Everyone turned to see a pillar of flames shooting out of Houndoom's mouth. Tim's dad stumbled over to Tim and his mother, and hugged them.
"It's okay," Tim's dad said, wheezing, "I'm okay."

One Year Later...
Tim's dad was gone again. On Tim's 13th Birthday. He was finally a teen. And his mom had promised to allow him to go on a journey when he turned 13. So he was very excited. He already knew how he'd start his journey. With the Verdanturf Tourney. With his very own Pokemon, Treecko, Poochyena, and Whismur. He had received the Treecko from Professor Birch when he and his father had visited Littleroot Town. He caught Poochyena and Whismur around town.
Tim put on faded blue jeans and a gray t-shirt. He ate an orange and hugged his mom before he set out for the Battle Tent. When he arrived, he saw Frank, Levi, Mary, and four other trainers. The turnout had been less than usual. Only eight trainers overall. Frank was boxing with Machamp as his other Pokemon, Sableye and Corphish stood by watching. Levi was telling his Pokemon his game plan. Mary and her now Shiftry were tripping people with vines. Elekid was doing electric handshakes. Misdreavus was stirring up frightening illusions. Tim had Treecko run around to train himself to be faster. Poochyena attacked small plushies that Tim tossed up. Whismur trained her voice to be louder.
"Attention trainers: please report the arena."
Tim, Treecko, Poochyena, and Whismur headed through a large door and onto a massive wooden platform. The other trainers followed.
An announcer introduced all the trainers over a loudspeaker. But Tim didn't pay attention. He was too busy soaking in the experience.
"And now, our first battle: Frank versus Avery!"
Tim and the trainers headed to a metal bench while Frank and a little girl stayed on the platform.
Frank used his Machamp to take down all three of a small girl's Pokemon. The audience cheered, and Frank returned to the bench. The girl left the arena crying.
"Next up we have Levi and Tory!"
Levi used his Smeargle to destory a man's, presumably Tory, Litten. When Tory sent out Sunflora, Levi sent out a Torchic. He incinerated the Sunflora. Next Tory sent out Rattata. Torchic burnt the Rattata to a crisp. The audience applauded as Levi returned to the bench.
"Now it's Mary versus Korra!"
Korra's Jigglypuff put Mary's Elekid to sleep, then used Rollout to knock it out. Mary sent out Misdreavus and put Jigglypuff to sleep. Then, Misdreavus used to Shadow Ball to defeat it. Next, Korra used Ledian. Shiftry used Leaf Blade to end Ledian. Korra used Xatu and sent Shiftry into a trance. Shiftry broke free of the trance and slashed Xatu into oblivion. The audience went berserk. What a close match. Mary returned to the bench.
"Our last match of Round One! Tim versus Ria!"
Tim walked up to the platform. Ria, a dark skinned girl, strutted up to the platform on the opposite side.
"Are the trainers ready?"
Tim nodded, grinning. Ria flashed a thumbs-up.
"Let the battle begin!"
Ria sent out Yanmega. Tim sent out Whismur.
"Whismur! Use Hyper Voice!" Tim called out. Whismur tried to scream, but only a small whimper came out.
"Pathetic," Ria grinned, "Yanmega! Use ExtremeSpeed!"
Yanmega zoomed at Whismur, and sent her flying back. Tim dove out of the way as Whismur flew off of the field. As soon as a Pokemon left the platform, they were unable to battle.
"Go! Poochyena! Use Shadow Ball!"
Poochyena opened its mouth, and a dark orb gathered. Poochyena roared, and the orb smashed into Yanmega. Yanmega flapped its wings a few more times, then collapsed. Ria switched Yanmega with Scizor. Tim tried the Shadow Ball trick again. This time, Ria knew it was coming. She had Scizor leap out of the way. But that's what Tim had been counting on. Poochyena lunged at the airborne Scizor, and knocked it off the field. Ria sent out her final Pokemon, Octillery. Octillery used Hydro Pump, and blasted Poochyena off of the platform.
"Go Treecko! I'm counting on you buddy!" Tim called, sending out Treecko, "Use Leaf Blade!"
Treecko slashed Octillery with glowing green blades. Octillery flinched, and Treecko finished the battle with Pound.
"Tim wins!"
Tim beamed, and crushed Treecko in a hug. He returned to the bench, elated. An attendant came by to heal Tim's Pokemon.
"Now it's time for Round Two!"
Frank and Levi battled. Frank wiped the floor with all three of Levi's Pokemon using only Machamp.
It was time for Tim to battle Mary.
"Let the best trainer win," Mary smiled slyly, shaking Tim's hand.
Mary sent out Elekid and Tim sent out Whismur. Whismur tackled Elekid, but Elekid destroyed Whismur with Electro Ball. Tim sent out Poochyena next. A quick Crunch/Shadow Ball combo did the job. Elekid fainted. Mary sent out Shiftry. Shiftry used Magical Leaf and blasted Poochyena back. Poochyena used Dark Pulse then followed up with Quick Attack. Shiftry slashed at Poochyena with Leaf Blade. Poochyena used Quick Attack again to knock out Shiftry. Mary used Misdreavus. Misdreavus hypnotized Poochyena, then frightened it with several illusions. A massive, fully-charged Shadow Ball destroyed Poochyena, even though it was a dark type as well.
"Alright Treecko! Let's finish this!" Tim yelled, sending out Treecko, "Use Leaf Blade!"
Treecko cut Misdreavus down quickly.
"Tim wins again!"
Tim ran back to the bench with Treecko on his shoulder. Poochyena and Whismur were healed.
"What an exciting day of battles! Now comes the final battle! Frank versus Tim!"
Frank and his Machamp marched up on the platform, waving cockily to the crowd. Tim ran over to his spot, and sent out Whismur.
"Come on Twig," Frank sighed, "You're really going to use Whismur? What a joke."
"We're gonna beat you Frank," Tim growled.
"Keep dreaming."
"Alright, the final battle of the Verdanturf Tourney begins now!" the announcer boomed.
"Machamp! Use Seismic Toss!" Frank ordered. Machamp yanked Whismur up, and flung her into the air. He leapt up, and was about to smash her back into the ground.
"Use Hyper Voice Whismur!" Tim called out. Whismur started to whimper, than erupted in light. Sonic waves sent Machamp flying. Whismur landed with a thud. But she wasn't a Whismur. She was a Loudred.
"Yeah Whismur!" Tim pumped his fist in the air, "I mean- yeah Loudred!"
Loudred grinned. Machamp hit the ground with a sickening thud. Loudred stomped on Machamp.
"Machamp! Quickly use Close Combat!"
Machamp managed to beat up Loudred. Tim called Loudred back.
"You did good Loudred," Tim grinned, "But now it's Poochyena's turn! Use Cruch!"
Poochyena sprang out of his Pokeball and bit down hard on Machamp's arm. Then, Poocyena leapt back, and used Shadow Ball. Machamp collapsed, unconscious.
"Wh- what?" Frank exclaimed, clearly shocked, "Machamp is my most powerful Pokemon... How did- what just-? Ugh, it doesn't matter. I'll still win. Go Sableye! Use Shadow Claw!"
Sableye slashed Poochyena, and Poochyena returned the favor with Quick Attack. Sableye did a flip in the air, and used Slash to knock out Poochyena.
"That's right Twig!" Frank stuck his tongue out, "I'll still win!"
"We'll see," Tim shrugged calmly. He sent out Treecko. Treecko started out with Leaf Blade. Sableye used Shadow Claw, and Treecko used Absorb to regain health. Treecko used Pound to finish off Sableye.
"You better not let me down Cophish!" Frank grunted, sending out his last Pokemon. Tim smiled. Corphish was a water type. Treecko wouldn't have any trouble. And he didn't. After two Leaf Blade attacks, Corphish fainted.
"Tim wins the Verdanturf Tourney!"
The crowd went nuts. Their cheers echoed throughout the stadium. Out from the bleachers rushed his mom. And his dad. Tim beamed. His dad had come to see him begin his journey. He met his parents halfway, and embraced them in a group hug.
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