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The chronicles of Ruby: The Chronicles of Ruby: Chapter 2 the meeting

by The_life_as_a_shadow

The_life_as_a_shadow In the end of last chapter Ruby as passed out to unknown circumstances. In this chapter she wakes up (oh wow did anyone guess it XD) to find herself in someone house, but who is it.

note: To anyone I rp with you will 100% know who this is. XD
There was no sound then the acational flip of a page. A woman sat at a table with a book in front of her. She was short for her age. On her head was a dark brown hat that covered a head of short brown hair and most of the woman's face. The woman wore a brown oversized hoodie and faded dark blue jean. This woman was different then others. Her clothes hid a part of her she would not like to hid. Her hat hid a pair of leaf ears and her hoodie hid a leaf tail. The woman was a remarkable being of death. He kind was banned from existing in this world. The woman was just lucky to live to 23 without died, but her job made sure that the government really wanted her dead.

A sound of movement came form the couch, by the woman. Another woman was laying there, unconscious. Her body had burns all over it. Strangely as the girl became more and more conscious, she couldn't feel a thing.

"ugg..." Ruby groaned as she opened her eyes. She could recognize a thing as she looked around. 'were am I?' Ruby though. "Ah, so finally you regained consciousness" The woman said as Ruby jumped. "ah!" She yelled as the woman laughed as she put the book marker in the book and shut it. "who are you? Where am I? Where is my bag?" Ruby said all about the same time. The woman again opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off by someone throwing the door open.

"Hello Everyone! The doctor is here!" The woman yelled. She was wearing a blue t-shirt and tan pants. What was strange about her was the bandages around her wrists. "Your not the doctor. Your not even a good assistant." A male voice called behind her as a man shoved his way in. He was dressed in black and looked nothing like a doctor, more like a delinquent.

Ruby stared wide eyed at them before the leafeon woman spoke. "Jade I hope you didn't brake my door again." She said sternly to the woman. "I didn't brake it, don't worry about it." Jade said calmly as the man headed over to Ruby. "can someone tell me what's going on?!" She yelled.