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The chronicles of Ruby: The chronicles of Ruby: Chapter 1 The orb

by The_life_as_a_shadow

The_life_as_a_shadow Hello. I am starting this after an idea came to me. I might bring this into an rp but not to sure. Anyway back to the actual summary:

Pokemon have been at war with the humans for who knows how long and now humans live in fear of pokemon and have only large cites and boundaries to call their own, but that will change. It was said that an orb of power shall end the war and bring peace to all. This information was kept secret from the people as the government whent over its coninets, but no secrets are kept hidden. Many citizens and criminal have also found this information and wish to find its power.
Running was the only thing the woman could think of. The footsteps of the guards could be heard as she made a quick turn. She knew that she had done a bad thing, but why would the guard be after her? The woman had only stole an orb from the museum. Was it that important? The woman couldn't stop to think as a shot of electricity shot past her and hit the tree. The guards had let out their pokemon.

Ruby was shocked. Captured Pokemon were now only used in emergencies, since the pokemon could turn around and go attack the guards. Ruby pulled out the orb she had just stolen from her bag. It was just some stupid relic, right?

Another shot of electricity hit a log just after she made a turn. 'Why pokemon?' She though as another electric shot and hit its target. Ruby fell instantly and tried to get back up. Another shock sent her back to the ground. She turned her head to see the attacker. It was a richu with a face of anger. Behind the pokemon were the guards. With a quick hand move, the head guard sent the pokemon back into its prison. Ruby started to get up again, since the main attcker was gone, but the head gruard used her foot to push her back down.

"Hello thief." She said with a cruel smile, "what's you got there?" She as she bent down to grab the orb. With a last dash of effort, Ruby attacked the womans legs and grabed the fallen orb. She started to run again, but the other guards were already ready. Ruby was knocked back to the ground. Her body landed with a thud and she kept the orb in her hands with a tight grasp.

"Stupid thief. Who do you think you are? You will never get away from us." The head guard said as she got up, no superior smile held her face. Ruby knew she was right. No one very escaped the guard, so why could she? 'No.' Ruby thought. She can think like that. The guy said it could help her find her brother and she had gotten to far not to quit now! The head guards strided over to Ruby as the other guards set her up. Ruby continued to hold the orb.

A sharp pain went through her face as the guard punched her. "How do you like that? Thats what you get for trying to make me fall." She sneered as she punched her gut, "And thats for making me fall." Ruby only looked down. 'I cant give up' she though as a large pull came to her. It was almost like her soul was being dragged away. The ground rumbled as she was let go. Ruby fell to the ground as she heard the guards yelling in alarm. Ruby couldn't sence anything as her vision grew dark. Faintly she heard the crakle of treed and the guards yelling more as she lost her sences fully and lost consciousness.
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  1. HydreigonBorn37
    I think it sounds cool, you should make an RP out of it!
    Dec 18, 2016
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