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The Chronicles of Reimu: 1

by SummerShaymin

SummerShaymin Random fanfiction decided via random generator stuff. Hi.
Reimu lived in Nimbasa City. She had black, braided hair, green eyes, and fair skin. She was the kind of girl who is polite during dinner, but stuffs their face during dessert. She was kind, but reckless. She was courageous, but rude. And on the first day of her being a Trainer, she was late.

"Aw, &$@%!" Reimu exclaimed as she looked at the clock. She rushed downstairs, quickly hugged her mom, and rushed to Professor Juniper's lab. She was greeted by the sight of Blue grabbing a Poké Ball. "I'll be unstoppable with this Pancham!" he exclaimed cockily. "Maybe, maybe not. Make sure he gets some rest once in a while!" Professor Juniper responded. Blue left the lab, and Reimu approached.

"What Pokémon do you have left, Professor?" she asked. "I'm just giving out random Pokémon until the next shipments of starter eggs arrive, so take an Eevee!" Professor Juniper exclaimed in response. "...Okay?" said Reimu. She then left the lab, only to be greeted by Blue.

"BATTLE ME!" he yelled at her. "No thanks." Reimu said, and then walked past him. Then, she sent out her Eevee, which jumped into her arms and snuggled up. "Wow! She already likes me!" Reimu exclaimed. And so her journey began.
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  1. hollowhead_
    First like, and this is pretty cool. But, can you make your stories longer, a bit? They would be pretty more interesting.
    Nov 14, 2017