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The Camp War: The Camp War Chapter 4: Rotten Apples

by Generation Sect

Generation Sect A story about a hidden camp for Pokemon that have had bad lives, tucked away in Petalburg Forest. Soon however, a friendly war starts between halves of the camp, that may not be as friendly as anyone thinks. Please submit your own characters!
Chapter 4: Rotten Apples
Ashley returned to the small tree that was the home of her and Autumn, bringing with her a basket of apples she had bought from the market held on the Left side of the recently built wall. Everything was a lot more bright there, and sometimes she was not afraid to take Autumn along. A small house had been built underneath the canopy of the tree, where she had taken the Eevee as her new shelter. The fire on the back of the Quilava started to flare up, calming back down as she entered the cosy, humble cottage-like building to see a small Eevee, a large grin across her face. Ashley couldn't help but smile back at the Pokemon. "I got apples." The small brown dog Pokemon bounded over to the basket that had been set on the floor, only to pull out a brown, shrivelled apple, with yellow stains. Ashley pulled it quickly from the jaw of the Pokemon. "Don't eat that!" Autumn spat out a piece, shocked by the sourness. "These are yucky." Ashley was starting to freak out. "I'll have to get some more, the Left markets closed, but I can't take you to the Right side can I? You could be sick from the apple as well..." She tried to calm down. She would just have to bring Autumn quickly with her to the Right side of the wall.

Autumn was breathing heavily, trapped under a cloth inside the basket that once held the rotten apples from earlier. She didn't understand why Ashley didn't want her to see this side of the wall, it was loud, busy and smelly from what she could sense but she could probably survive. She opened up the cloth, ever so slightly, allowing her to see out into the slum like area around her. It was dark, not just from the time of day but the smog in the sky, and the buildings were all drab and derelict. Where was she going to get apples from here? A Weezing drifted into view, bumping into the basket by accident and knocking over the small Pokemon. Ashley started to yell at it, hastily trying to cover Autumn back up with the cloth, the Weezing uttering an apology, accidentally letting out a breath of gas in the process. It funnelled into the basket, causing Autumn to start to cough viciously, rocking the basket out of Ashley's hand and rolling it into the floor, the Eevee tumbling out onto the floor, landing on the cloth like food on a platter. She could see more clearly now, they were in a busy yet barebones marketplace, a booth selling many decent looking apples in front of them. She looked around to see many Pokemon, some larger ones licking their lips and starting intently.

Ashley was stunned, but quickly broke out of her haze, knowing that Ashley would be quickly eaten, a young and small Pokemon in a place like this. She grabbed multiple apples, as many as she could hold, and spun quickly towards the wall of incoming Pokemon in a Flame Wheel attack. She smashed through them, the crowd gradually dispersing to make way for the missile bursting through their midst. Autumn quickly got up, running as fast as she could to make it through the path she cleared, only to be blocked off by a Scolipede. Suddenly, the huge Pokemon fell over, it's legs encased in flame. Ashley dove past, grabbing Autumn in her arms and running as fast as she could into the woods, pursued by a persistent crowd, the shopkeeper (a Victreebel) and an Excadrill, a Drapion and a Skuntank.

After a while of tiring running, the stars were still twinkling in the dark velvet of the night sky, and Ashley stopped to let the small Pokemon out of her arms. Autumns legs were clearly cramped from being held like a baby in a swaddle, so Ashley lay her down as carefully as she could on the floor of the hut. Her legs twitched, as Ashley suddenly noticed the two burnt apples that had tumbled out with her. She threw them back out into the night, to be rid of them. She had no sense left in her to deal with rotten apples again.
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