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The Camp War: The Camp War Chapter 2: Barriers of our mind

by Generation Sect

Generation Sect A story about a hidden camp for Pokemon that have had bad lives, tucked away in Petalburg Forest. Soon however, a friendly war starts between halves of the camp, that may not be as friendly as anyone thinks. Please submit your own characters!
Chapter 2: Barriers of our mind
"There is no such thing as a barrier to the mind, the conscience and the heart." - Pablus the Scholar Smeargle

The wall was being hastily built, some Machamp trying their best to keep it upright against the pushing on the other side. Even with both sides attempting to accomplish the same goal, they were still causing trouble for each other. Mentra, a Malamar, was overseeing the construction. As the General of the Right side of the camp, she was assigned with making everything work out smoothly, and to make the smaller decisions, the ones that mattered most. A fight had broken out between two of the builders, a Machamp from the Right and a Rhydon from the left.

Percival would happily do his job as General any day. It was his honour to serve a noble cause, but others didn't have this mindset. The brawl happening below him disgusted him. He would see to it that Rhydon learnt from this, but he still had to break it up anyway. He leapt down, the landing of his heavy metal shell-like armour instantly grabbing the attention of the fighters. As they almost stopped, the wall blocked them off. But there was one thing to notice. The Machamp was on the wrong side of the wall.

Mentra's little Switcheroo had worked nicely. She new that it would easily provoke the Escavalier that was her enemy, and that although she could never face him in battle she could easily resort to other methods. The Rhydon, attempting to escape with Drill Run, nearly knocking the whole wall over, until he suddenly fell fast asleep. Thistle, the Nuzleaf daughter of her leader, walked over, continuing her Grass Whistle song. "What? Thistle, get away. What would your father say? I want to keep my job you know." Mentra snapper. The innocent Nuzleaf stopped, surprised by the outburst, and looked up to see the wall above them. "You really did it. You went and divided us. We were supposed to complete the trainer's dream! Not... whatever this is!" She stormed away, tears streaming down her eyes. Mentra looked down to the ground. Flush all the bad thoughts away. She looked back at the sleeping Rhydon, and used Switcheroo again.

Relic sat, upon a throne of ancient stone. Percival had told him all about how the project was successful, and how the dishonourable filth would now be kept out. That shocked him. But he knew the majority of the Pokemon with him were at least trustworthy. At the end of the day, he still knew as little about this world as he did when he woke up for the first time.
" I... need to take a walk outside Percival." Looking out onto the horizon, his old favourite thing, all he could see was a wall built of stone on one side, sticks on the other. Sticks and stones. How apt.
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  1. Ariados twice
    Ariados twice
    Name: Shadow
    Species: Mightyena
    Gender: Male
    Position and side: None. Relic's side.
    Other: He is 17, sneaky, shy, and clever.
    Oct 9, 2016
  2. Generation Sect
    Generation Sect
    Tempest will appear next chapter. Shadow will too.
    Oct 9, 2016
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  3. Anime Psyclone
    Anime Psyclone
    Here's my character. It was hatched in the camp.
    Name: Tempest
    Species: Lugia (Baby like Silver from the Second Pokèmon Movie)
    Gender: N/A
    Position and side: Not old enough to get a position...
    Other: Just hatched a few months ago, weak
    Oct 9, 2016
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