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The Brugas Region

by Blxckwolf

Blxckwolf Here you'll find some of the primary information of the region I created; the Brugas Region.
North of the Kalos region lies the Brugas region, a region with its own regional Pokémon as well as Pokémon indigenous to other regions.

I will explain some of the details of Brugas, going over the town map, some important people and trainers, the Gym Leaders and Elite Four, its Champion and ofcourse its very own evil team; Team Reign.

Journeywise, the first noteworthy location is Noviter Town. This small town is home to few, but is a common hometown for young and inexperienced trainers, as the Professor's lab is located right next to the town. Or should I say the Professor's Facility.

To the Northwest of the town you can find Professor Maple's facility. Professor Maple is the daughter of Sinnoh's very own retired Pokémon Professor Rowan. After studying her father's work for years, assisting and aiding whenever she could, she travelled to Brugas to put her knowledge to the test and open her very own Pokémon lab to research Brugas' Pokémon.

The facility she has built features a common lab, as well as an artificial habitat for Pokémon in order to be able to research them more easily. Lastly there's a battling area to run tests on the Pokémon's battling abilities. This is where trainers who wish to go on a journey receive their starter Pokémon and a Pokédex.

East of Noviter Town you can find Route 1, which connects the town to Univille City. This is where new trainers will find the Trainer's School. The principal of this school is Jane, who even runs a Pokémon Gym from her school. In order to reach her, trainers have to battle three of her teachers, and eventually her. Jane uses Normal-type Pokémon and gives trainers the Simple Badge if they win, as well as the TM for Return.

North of Univille City is Route 2, which ends upon reaching the Wooden Bridge. On this bridge you'll find a few beginning trainers who might want to battle. Over the Wooden Bridge is a very short Route 3, that connects to Retralis City.

Retralis City is known as the capital city of Brugas. This huge metropolis is divided into two city parts. The South side is more historical, with many of the old buildings still intact or slightly renovated in order to keep them running.

One of the buildings in the South area of Retralis City is the Brugas Museum. This museum is ran by Winston, a fanatic of all things historical, especially when it comes to the lore and legend of Brugas. The main exhibits of this museum are fragments of first designs of Pokéballs, shattered pieces of a mysterious stone that they've pieced back together and a fully intact Crown of Brugas. This crown is said to have been worn by the ancient king of Brugas, King Leopold. It is monitored 24/7 and protected by heavy security.

In a back room of the museum you will find local researching duo Fos and Sil, who are specialized in Pokémon's fossils and how to extract extinct Pokémon from them.

The North side of Retralis City is a more modernized and business-oriented area, with skyscrapers generously dotting the city. This area's most commonly known attraction is the Battle Tower. This is where elite trainers gather to hone their skills against eachother in different kinds of battles. The bosses of the tower are twins Elijah and Telia Winter.

In the centre of Retralis City you will find Retralis Park, a city park where trainers from both sides of the city come to train and battle in friendly matches to pass their time.

Retralis City connects to the Stone Bridge and Route 4 to the East side of the city. This route leads to Mt. Ellis, the largest mountain in Brugas. Halfway up Mt. Ellis, after going through some of Ellis Cave, you'll find Wingbreeze Town, a town that's built on a cliff of Mt. Ellis. Other than a few houses and locals, Wingbreeze Town is home to the Wingbreeze Sanctuary, where Flying-type Pokémon are able to rest or be treated after a long journey.

This sanctuary is ran by Flying-type enthusiast Skyler. Using some of the sanctuary's rarest birds, he has turned this sanctuary into his gym in order to defend his Swift Badge. With a full team of six, don't expect to defeat him easily. If trainers are able to defeat him, he will give them the TM for Aerial Ace too.

Back through Ellis Cave, you go from Wingbreeze Town to Torchwood Town. This primitive town has mostly wooden houses, with only one building made of stone; the Torchwood Gym. It is being protected by the tribe's leader, Amber. This fiery trainer protects her gym and people at all cost. Trainers who defeat her receive the Flare Badge and the TM for Flame Charge.

All the way back to Retralis City, the West side is connected to Route 5 through the Iron Bridge. Route 5 eventually leads to Moonlit City. This city is one of lore and history. Most of the locals are loyalists to the moon, with the Temple of Full Moons being their sacred ground. The cult is led by Atlas and Luna, who serve as the city's Gym Leaders. After the clock tolls midnight, trainers are able to challenge them for the Crescent Badge. They await challengers on the top of the temple for a double battle they won't quickly forget.
Absol & Umbreon (Atlas)
Meowstic & Espeon (Luna)

To the West of Moonlit City lies the coast. Surfing past the coast you'll traverse Routes 6 & 7 before finding Palmbeach Island. This Island is one of Brugas' three coastal areas along with Clearwave Island and Battle Island. Palmbeach Island is home to the Palmbeach Gym, where Gym Leader Lott defends her Pixie badge. This Fairy-type trainer is a performer, luring many trainers to her Island with performances and events to entertain her crowd. After making their way through her back-up dancers and choir, challengers will be able to battle her on stage in a performance that will blow away the spectators.

Just to the North of Palmbeach Island and past Route 8 trainers will find Clearwave Island. This tropical Island attracts many tourists with its surfing and fishing contests, serene atmosphere and beautiful beach. Resident three-time winner of the surfing contest and Gym Leader Cordelia is loved among the locals of the Island. She defends her Gym with many of the region's marine Pokémon. She gives the Board Badge to trainers who manage to defeat her.

Next to Clearwave Island you'll find the Battle Island. This is where trainers with all eight badges of Brugas get to battle eachother in intense battles. The trainer who runs this area is Island Master Ortwin, a veteran trainer who has dominated this Island for years. He holds the annual King of the Isle Conference, a tournament where the best of the best get to face eachother to determine who is the strongest trainer of Brugas. Gym Leaders and Elite Four from different regions even participate in this spectacular show of skill. The winner takes home the Isle Trophy, a golden trophy decorated with diamonds and pearls.

If you go back to Moonlit City, you'll find that North of the city is Route 9. This route eventually leads to Castle Hill, a long trail ending at the Abandoned Castle. This was the castle of the ancient king, King Leopold. Trainers will find that the evil Team Reign have set up their base of operations in the ruins of this castle. Its leader Envy, along with executives Thomas and Helena are seeking to collect all three of the King's Artefacts in order to claim dominion over Brugas. More about that in Brugas: Lore and History.

The last route from Retralis City is Route 10 to the North. This route eventually splits into Route 11 to the East and Route 12 to the North. Route 11 leads to Constarm Town.

Constarm Town is a rather small town that connects in the East to Constarm Forest. Because of being right near the woods, Constarm Town is often plagued by Bug-type Pokémon that wander out of those woods. A trainer who has taken advantage of this is Gym Leader Webster. This Bug Catcher defends his Constarm Gym and Swarm Badge with an arsenal of Bug-types.

East of Constarm Town is Constarm Forest. This forest is illuminated by clusters of gemstones that mysteriously grew from the soil. These clusters can be traced to Shimmering Cavern, that lies deep within the forest. A common searching ground for treasure hunters, this cave is illed with precious and valuable gemstones and minerals. Legends say that deep within the cave is a diamond that's protected by a mythical being.

Route 12 connects to Bloomville Town. This town is also known as the Eden of Brugas, due to the many different sorts of flowers and berries planted in the gardens. The fertile soil is due to the combination of Eversoil City's soil and the water from Lake Sorse coming together. The aforementioned Eversoil City lies to the North of Bloomville Town, just past Route 13.

Eversoil City is the final city of Brugas. Graced with fertile soil and a healthy climate, Eversoil City's farms are the main source of income for Brugas. Protecting the city's Gym is Gym Leader Magnus. This heavyweight is the final Gym Leader of Brugas, and the biggest challenge of all. Together with his army of sturdy Ground-types, Magnus defends the Soil Badge with everything he has.

After defeating Magnus, trainers can go North of Eversoil to find Route 14 and Mt. Sorse. Once through Mt. Sorse, a hangbridge connects this mountain to Victory Road, the final hurdle for trainers who wish to challenge the Brugas Pokémon League. Ace Trainers, Veterans, Dragon Tamers and many other trainers gather here to give trainers a final warning of how tough the Pokémon League will be.

Once at the Pokémon League, trainers will face the Elite Four in succession before being able to challenge the regional Champion.

The first member of the Brugas Elite Four is Eltie Four Rose. She is the embodiment of the saying every rose has its thorns. Using the underrated Grass-type, Rose will prove to be a thorn in the sides of all trainers who underestimate her.

The next member of the Elite Four is Malloy. He is the eldest son of Sinnoh's Gym Leader Byron and older brother of Gym Leader Roark. Growing up digging for fossils and observing his father defend his Gym, Malloy adopted his fighting style and love for the strong and sturdy Steel-types.

After Malloy, trainers will have the face Elite Four trainer Conor. This Martial Arts master has an excellent fighting spirit, both in and out of his octagon. He often spars with his Pokémon to train both his and their endurance and strength and to teach each other new combos and moves to use in battle.

The Champion's last line of defense is none other than Elite Four and Team Reign boss Envy. Being the leader of the evil team, Envy has always shown to have a malevolent side to her. The Champion looked past that in her recruitment for the Elite Four, focussing only on her exceptional skills in battle. Using sly and devious tactics, Envy and her Ghost-type Pokémon will make sure no one gets through without nightmares.

After making it through the Elite Four, trainers have to face their toughest challenge in the strongest trainer of all Brugas; Champion Elias. This undefeated trainer quickly became Champion of Brugas after effortlessly destroying every trainer in his path. He handpicked his Elite Four to save him from having to face trainers unable of even defeating them. The few trainers who have managed to get past them were easily defeated by Elias in one-sided battles. He still awaits a trainer worthy of becoming the next Champion of Brugas.
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