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-The Boy Who Was Yet To Grow-

by Ace_TrainerAce

Ace_TrainerAce This is just sort of a back story for my usual Roleplay character, Aceiane, aka Ace. As a Gym Leaders kid, he is pressured quickly outside of childhood at a young age...let's see how.
Deep within Sinnoh,

Little Ace, an only child toddler, sits on his carpet in the giant family room, playing with a stuffed Azuril.

His mother sits on the expensive cushioned couch. The professor had given her the week off. She was exhausted from the last big project studies they had done on evolution the week before.

Ace's parents were somewhat wealthy.
His mother was a dedicated pokemon scientist, and an assistant Pokemon Professor of the Twinleaf town, Rowan. She had quite a decent amount of income for her studies and works.

Dad, was the popular, tough, strict, Gym Leader of Sinnoh, Wake. He specialized in water type pokemon. He had a large amount of money that he would collect everyday, from the trainers that had failed to beat him. Ace's father, Crasher Wake, was a force to be reckoned with. He believed so many traits were needed to be a Gym Leader, which made him a fierce battler. He has a great personality, making battles enjoyable and letting others know that it's all about experience - but when it comes to his son, whom he expects to inherit the gym, and take his role as Gym Leader, he is very tough on.

He was intimidating as well; standing at 6'5, often shirtless, well built, a strange blue striped headset, with white feather looking things sticking out of the sides


The door BURSTS open, Ace's father, Crasher, falls onto the threshold of the mansion. His mother gasps, and she rushes over to her panting husband.

"Aceiane! Go get a cloth from the kitchen!" His mother cries out, and she attempts to pull her husband, Wake, into a sit up position.

Ace, at 5 years old, rushes into his kitchen. He looks frantically and notices a red washcloth on the counter. He tries to reach, but his height wasn't his best advantage. Ace tries to climb the stool that's nearby, and once he reaches the top he yanks at the cloth. He takes a risks and jumps from the stool. He falls when he lands, but the toddler manages to make it back to his mother and father.

Mother takes the cloth and places it on Father's neck, wiping the blood stain from his face and neck. "What happened what happened!?" His mother, almost in tears asks while tending to him.

"G-galactic..!" He pants. He manages to sit himself up to his knees.

Galactic? Ace had heard his parents discussing the so called, "Team Galatic". He had sat in the living room and watched the screen as the Team Galactic had been pronounced a wide-spread gang assembled of thugs, who commit crimes from steal pokemon, to harassing trainers, to loot banks.

"T-...They tricked me! ....They s-sent in a girl....she posed as a trainer just challenging for a badge..." He gasped for air. "They-They all jumped me at once...I couldn't fend them off! If it weren't for-for my Gym Trainers, and Officer Jenny showing up in time...who knows what could've happened..." He finished, calming down, and getting a sufficient amount of air.

"Oh, honey!" His mother cried in sympathy. She was in shock, and had no idea what to do.

Loud, earsplitting sirens had been sounded, and through the open front door, behind the gate that stood in front of the house, bright red and yellow lights blinded him for seconds each time they beamed into his view. The ambulance had appeared at the mansion.

Ace's father was carried and placed in a hospital bed and is cared for. He was groaning in pain, the nurses and doctors were shouting and rushing. Ace not understanding, his father was wheeled away quickly, inside of the giant truck that sounded loud alarms and shined flashing lights...not being able to tell his father goodbye.

Ace was petrified at the events occurring in front of him. He was scared, confused, and tears streamed down his cheeks. He was screaming, trying to reach out to his dad, but he was being restrained. He fought hard, trying to break the grip held on him by a nurse, but he didn't bare the strength.

This was surely a night that would scar Ace, for his entire life...


The Pastoria Gym is closed for the time being, as Wake was put into critical condition. He had been poisoned by a member of Galactic's pokemon. A few bones were broken, and major head traumas had settled in his head. He had to be put into rehabilitation for a year. Apparently one of the Galactic thugs had owned a psychic pokemon, and a combination of moves and abilities from it had made Wake forget things of his life, how to function his body, and his ability to walk had been taken away.


Ace, at 6 years old now, was riding in Mother's car. He looked out of his window. He hadn't seen his father in a year, and they were now pulling into the hospital, on the day his dad was being released.

He un-clipped his seatbelt, and slowly exited the vehicle. He held his mothers hand as they entered the hospital. For some reason, the boy was almost shaking, nervous to see his father again.

Mother spoke to the attendant at the front desk, explaining who they were to visit and pick up. The kind, warm smiling attendant nodded, and began typing into her computer. Ace and his mother took a seat in the waiting room. He sat and thought to himself. What would he say to his father? Would Father still be a Gym Leader? Would he even remember his son?

Ace had gotten more nervous at his own questions, but he was snapped from his gaze as the attendant stood in front of his mother and him.
They both stood, and the women led them down a long hallway, with portraits of many people with quotes underneath them.

They reached a room, labeled the numbers "209".

"Ok, Room 209. Mr. Wake is right inside." The attendant gave them a sunny smile before returning to her desk at the front lobby.

Mother looked down at Ace, and Ace looked up to her. Mother nodded and smiled. Ace returned a slight smile, and they both enter the room.

Father laid there in the hospital bed, half covered in a blanket. A tray connected to his bed sat next to him, a plate on it, with some left over food scraps.

Ace walked over, shakily, to his father. Mother stood in the other side of Wake, and shook him gently.

Wake awoke, he smiled at Mother. He remained laying, but he reached out and stroked her face with his thumb. She hugged him, tears welling in her eyes. They talked a little bit, and Mother explained that he was free to come back home today. Father nodded, and turned to face Ace, his six year old son.

Ace's icey blue eyes gleamed as he saw his dad, who smiled at him. Ace had moved in closer and hugged his dad. Tears strolling off of his face as well. When he pulled away, Wake's face went a bit more serious to his son.

"Ace, my son...when you grow...you will inherit my gym. When I pass, you will become Gym Leader of the Pastoria Gym. The Fen Badge is given to trainers who have beaten the Water Type Gym Leader. It should not be easy....and the way I was attacked a year ago...if that ever happens to you, you will be ready...." Father says, his hand on Ace's shoulder.

Ace had swallowed, a bit nervous...hearing this at his age was difficult. He looked past his Father and at Mother, who nodded in agreement to her husbands words.
Ace was happy his father trusts him enough to want to pass it down to him someday, but Ace wasn't sure if he were to be a good trainer. There was no way he could be as strong as his father is.

"Listen, Aceiane, you will be strong, and when I pass, you are going to be a stronger Gym Leader than I am. This is very important, and it rests upon you. You will continue my Gym, and be a great Gym Leader."

Ace hesitantly looked at his father, and then, slowly nodded.
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