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The Boy That Loved Honedge

by DaCharblezorbTrainer

DaCharblezorbTrainer A boy finds a wild honedge and needs it!
Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Timmy. He loved Pokémon, and for his birthday he was given six pokéballs. So far, he had caught a rattata named ratty, a pigdey named pudge, a weedle named weed, a bellsprout named peashooter, and a geodude named dude. He only had one pokéball left and didn't have enough money to buy more, so he was saving it for something special. As he walked through the tall grass, he stepped on something. It seemed to rise out of the ground beneath his feet. He was thrown back and looked around in shock. In front of him was a sword with a long, majestic blue cloth trailing behind it. And it was floating! He knew that he needed to catch it. He catapulted his pokéball with enthusiasm, screaming. “Go! Ratty!” The small purple Pokémon sniffed the air for a few seconds, then noticed the sword-like Pokémon named honedge. He crouched down, like a cat about to pounce. “All right! Use hyper fang!” The little Pokémon’s mouth started glowing a majestic orange and purple. Then he jumped into the air onto honedge and clamped down onto the side of the blade. At least, it looked like that. His teeth had really passed through it and ratty collapsed beneath honedge. He slowly got to his feet. The boy then started to realize what had happened. Hyper fang was a normal type move, and honedge was a ghost type. Honedge was immune to all normal type moves. Suddenly, honedge slashed its blade. Ratty was struck in the front of his head and sent flying. A blinding flash of light and he was back in his pokéball. “Go! Dude!” The boy yelled. The geodude came out ready to pound some enemies. “Okay! Use earthquake!” The Pokémon repeatedly punched the ground, and it started to shake massively. The Pokémon that looked like a rock smiled at the boy. But nothing had happened to honedge. He was floating above the floor, so of course nothing had touch him. He just turned black and sank into the floor. A shadow started passing over the ground, towards Dude. Then honedge erupted from underneath the geodude and hammered him with his blade. The geodude flashed a brilliant bright white and also was sucked back into his pokéball. The boy yelled in frustration. “Go! Peashooter! Use sleep powder!” A little strange looking plant appeared and launched some dust out of what looked like his mouth. The powder sprinkled over honedge and it slowly drifted to the floor. “Okay! Now use razor leaf!” The Pokémon launched a few leaves into the air. Two leaves then went spiraling towards the sleeping sword and smashed into it. The boy then threw his pokéball at honedge. It sucked him inside and started to shake. Once. Twice. Three times. Then the boy heard a soft click and knew that the pokéball had locked honedge inside. He ran to a Pokémon center and got his Pokémon healed up. Then he sent out honedge and grabbed his hilt. The cloth slowly wrapped around his arm. Then the boy collapsed, dead. The honedge had stolen his life force.
DubiousDiscDuck and Mr Fishykarp like this.
  1. DaCharblezorbTrainer
    Dec 1, 2016
  2. DubiousDiscDuck
    Wow, the ending was dark, but the story is good!
    Nov 28, 2016
  3. Mr Fishykarp
    Mr Fishykarp
    That ending was... unexpected, but it is realistic and exactly what I would do...
    Nov 22, 2016