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The Blue Change

by PokeKitty42404

PokeKitty42404 Hey, guys! So, I haven't been able to come online for a while, and I'm sorry!!;_;:(!! So in return, I've made this story. Enjoy!
The Blue Change
By PokeKitty

Have you ever thought, "Oh, man! Life as a bird looks fun! How I wish I was a bird, too!"? Well, you're right. Life as a macaw is great! But then it happened.
CHAPTER 1: A Beautiful Morning
It was a nice sunny day, and I was flying around you know, getting some air through my wings, doing some cool tricks like corkscrews in mid-air, and doing what I love most.
"WHEEEEE!" I cheered as I dived and did another corkscrew. WHOOSH! Bet you can't catch me, Amor!" Amor, my best friend, was flying behind, trying to catch me.
"Wait up, SunFeather! I can't keep up!" Amor cried. She was not the type of macaw that loved to fly around a whole lot. She was someone that usually had her head in a book ever since I had introduced my flock (Just to say, I wasn't the leader or anything like that) to books and other human like things.
"SunFeather, LOOK OUT!!" Amor shouted to me. And that's all I remembered.
If you guys want to see the second chapter, reply to me because it's time for my dinner. Bye!!:halo:!!
  1. PokeKitty42404
    And by this, I mean if I get 5 :up:s on this chapter, I will do the second chapter. See ya!!:halo:!!
    Feb 9, 2017