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The Blue Change: Chapter 2

by PokeKitty42404

PokeKitty42404 Hey, guys! Sry if I'm a little late, but I haven't been on for a while 'cuz I forget to check here frequently. Just a little hiccup, but we all make mistakes!!:p!! Any way, I GREATLY appreciate the likes u gave me for "The Blue Change", so, thanks!!:halo:!! Also, if u want me to do the 3rd chapter, can I receive 5 more likes?:blush:!! But without further ado, I give you the 2nd chapter of the Blue Change. Enjoy!!:blush::halo::angel:!!
CHAPTER 2: Changing
I had finally regained consciousness to see Amor and another macaw from the flock staring back at me. Then, they flew away. Strange, I thought. I got up and tried to fly to them. THUD! I fell to the ground. I wondered why I wasn’t flying. I tried again. Another THUD! Why wasn’t I flying?

“WAIT!” I called out to them. Then I saw my wing. But, it wasn’t a wing anymore. It was a paw! Shocked, I jumped back. Why did I have paws instead of wings? As I was wondering, I walked over to a nearby lake because I was thirsty. And as I leaned over to take a drink, I noticed my reflection. But I wasn’t a blue macaw anymore. I was a cat!
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  1. PokeKitty42404
    If I get 5 likes or more, I will start doing the 3rd chapter!!:halo:!!
    Apr 22, 2017
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