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The Adventures of Sir Sceptile: The Beginning of the Road

by Red_The_Champion

Red_The_Champion This is the story of a Pokemon Superhero, who will have to fight the forces of evil and discover things about his partner and himself.
"You'll never catch me!" shouted the Pokemon thief as he ran from the Police Force, sprinting from the Petalburg Jewelers shop. Little did he know that someone else was behind him.

"Sir Sceptile, Action!" shouted the hero as he sprinted from the roof of the building next to the thief. His partner Sceptile, better known Speedy, jumped from the rooftop with the Sir and blocked the thief.

"Get out of my way before I hurt you!" shouted the thief, making a grab for his PokeBall.

"Not a chance!" shouted the Sir.

The thief, furious, sent out a Poochyena, who leaped at Speedy and tried to use Bite. Speedy dodged seconds before it hit and blasted the Pokemon with Leaf Storm. It was knocked to the ground, unconscious. Seeing this, the thief returned his Pokemon to its PokeBall and sprinted away.

"Jeez," said the Sir. "Scepticycle, activate!"

Down the alleyway sped the Sir's vehicle. He hopped onto it and caught up with the thief, grabbing him. Speedy, using his Quick Attack, followed the Sir with handcuffs and placed the thief under arrest!


This is one of the stories of how Kyle and Sceptile secretly spend their nights, fighting injustice and crime. This is one of the easier jobs, and from this point on, things are going to get harder and harder!