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Mewtvak: The beginning of Mewtvak

by GreninjaRonin09

GreninjaRonin09 In a lab called Rocketzo572, more than a Mewtwo is created... something some would say was even more powerful...
“ Rocketzo527 reporting. Do you copy?”
“ You’re loud and clear.”
“ The experiment is a success. We have made a Mewtwo.”
“ And the other project?”
“ Still unconfirmed, sir.”
“ Okay, I hope that it is confirmed soon.”
“ Yes s-

Humans... humans... death... thud thump ouch.... my kin... whom they call.... Mewtwo... destroyed lab... why?... because anger stirred in my kins heart... at it’s creation.... it wanted not to be what it... crash wedged in sand... oh so sleepy...

Many years later...

“ Lucario, I chose you!” An unidentiefied boy called out.
“ Meowstic, go!” An unidentified girl responded.
“ Lucario, use Close Combat!” The boy continued.
“ Meowstic, use-“ She was cut off as the beach exploded in a flash of radioactive green light. A form floated in the air, and then dissolved into a green powder. Little did anyone know, this was the beginning of the end...
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