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The Silver Heart of Power: The Beginning of a Journey

by ~Rinko~

~Rinko~ This is the small section before even the start of a young girl's grand adventure into a vast, grand fantasy game's world.
And yes, I will continue this. Hopefully.
Hm, is there nothing to do?

Lying on my bed with my legs in the air, I sighed, staring at the ceiling. Maybe I should I do something? What did my friend recommend again? Ah, I forgot what it’s called.

I dropped down my feet and spun around, before getting off my bed and walking over to my computer. I slid onto the cushioned seat, laid back and lightly gripped my mouse. I lightly patted the side of my head with my left hand, trying to recall that game, as I moved the mouse around, pointlessly checking on things.

I paused for a moment before I closed the browser, thinking I knew what an advert on the page was about, but shook my head.

It was some game called ‘The Silver Heart of Power.’

Wait, I did know it.

That was what my friend recommended.

I reopened my browser and searched for the game. The download took a while, but after an hour or so, I think, it was ready to be played.

‘Welcome, new player, to the world of the Silver Heart!’

That message gave way to the character creation screen.

Name first. Hmm... Onoto.

Ah, maybe that’s too typical, though? Using that style of nickname...

No, it’s fine, I’m picking a mage, anyway, not swordfighter or something.

Which mage though? Looking at all these elements...

Ice. Yes, I’ll be an Ice Mage.

Appearance, huh? Like I am in real life, shoulder-length straight black hair, medium skin, dark bro-

Actually, no, silver eyes. I always sort of wanted silver eyes

Outfits probably get unlocked as you progress...

Age and birthday, that’ll be the same as mine, 14 and the 19th of June.

And that’s the character. Just need to register and... done!

‘Come now, adventure out and discover the secrets of this world, Onoto!’

Of course. I always like fantasy, after all.

I smiled, though no one could really tell.
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