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My Life My Rules My Choices: The Beginning ~1~

by MellowMarshmallow

MellowMarshmallow This is Piper's Point of View. (See Typhlo.sion's A Pokemon Life For Me)
*Inhales deeply* Okay Mom, I'm ready to meet the professor!"
"Okay Hon, go ahead, just be sure to come home so i can give you your things."
"I will Mom."
"I hope nobody took Chikorita, I have always wanted one, just like Dad..." Piper was getting sad by her thoughts, she was snapped out of her thoughts by the Professor's voice.
"Hello Piper, we only have Chikorita left, or you can come back tomorrow for the other's"
"NO, I wanted Chikorita anyways!"
"Really, she wants me?!?! But-But, I am just a grass creature with a necklace!" As Chikorita pondered about why this girl had chose her, the girl picked her up and said.
"Hi! I'm Piper, we are going to be GREAT friends :D"
" Wow, she is really nice, I hope i won't be a disappointment to her."
Piper put her back in the Pokeball.
"All right, lets get this journey started, Oh I almost forgot, one quick stop Chikorita, I have to go see Mom!"
"Hi Piper, which one did you get?"
"I GOT CHIKORITA!" She let the Chikorita out of the capsule.
"Wow, that's great! Anyways, here is your things... Oh, my only daughter, off on her adventure."
"Don't worry Mom, I'll be fine! I got Chikorita by my side! I am gonna miss you mom. But I will visit, I promise."
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Chikorita squealed with delight. "I am sooooo EXCITED, my first adventure!"

As the two stepped out of New Bark Town, they headed to Cherry Grove City.
"Our adventure starts, now."
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