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The Begining Chapter 7:The Fearsome Treesome

by Midnight Umbreon

Midnight Umbreon When Ribbon Overhears About The Fearsome Threesome Midnight and Ribbon get held as Prisoners.

Characters:Midnight the Shiny Umbreon,Clover the Leafeon,Crystal the Glaceon,Ribbon the Sylveon,Jolt the Jolteon.
Ribbon:Ugh my Head What happend?
Clover:We all where partying last night and You Crashed so Midnight Brought you To The Burrow.
Ribbon:Thats why my Head Hurts.
Clover:Yea anyway You should go to the River to wash your Face.
Clover:If you need us we will be Near The Plains.
Ribbon:Ok.(Ribbon walked to the River but Saw The Rebels so She hid in the Bushes)
Delibird:Ok you 3 their have been sightings of Eeveelutions around we Need you to Kill Them!
Sceptile:This better Be quick!
Delibird:Remember The secret base is in Snowy Mointains!
Fearsome Threesome:Got it

Ribbon:This cant be Good.I have to tell the Others!
Charizard:Or you can Stay here for us to Kill you!
Ribbon: Damm it!
Midnight:I dont Think So!
(Midnight shot a Powerfull Shadow Ball at Charizard)
Midnight:Ribbon Run!Ill hold them off.
Charizard:Come back Here!!!
Sceptile:Oh No you dont!(Sceptile grabbed Midnight)
Ribbon:Midnight!Huh?!?!(Feraligator grabbed Ribbon)
Feraligator:Aww Your Pretty Hot too bad were gonna Have to kill you!
Ribbon: Please I rather be Dead that with a Fat Alligator!
Feraligator:Looks like im gonna be the one to kill you you Meanie!
Charizard:Ok lets knock em out and Take them to the Base!(Midnight and Ribbon Fainted)Lets Go!(The Fearsome Treesome Left)

Jolt:Hey Guys were back!
Crystal:Huh Where are those?
Clover:Well Midnight Likes Ribbon so thier probally somewhere else Romantic:)
Crystal:You might Be right that would be Romantic:blush:
Jolt:If they were then why Would there be a note from the Rebels?!
Crystal:What!Read it!
Note:Hello Friends you see we have captured your Pahfetic Friends Blue Ring and Pink Ribbon!If you want to try and Save them go to Secret Base on Snowy Mointains or Your Friends Die!You have 24 Hours!Dont make me wait!
Clover:Im not going its too cold for a Grass Type!
Jolton: Dont worry I used to be a Fabric designer ill make you a Fur Coat.
Crystal:Ok ill Check which way is Snowy Mointains!*Thinks in Mind*Dont Worry Guys we will save you!
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