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The Begining Chapter 6:Forest Maze

by Midnight Umbreon

Midnight Umbreon Clover Goes into the Forest But cant Find her way Out and its Up to Her Friends to Help Her.

Characters:Midnight the Shiny Umbreon,Clover the Leafeon,Crystal the Glaceon,Ribbon the Sylveon,Jolt the Jolteon.
Clover:*Yawns*Huh No one esle is Awake?Yes. This is Gonna be Good.WAKE UP EVERYONE!!!
Midnight:Shut Up!
Crystal:I was just in the Middle of a Good Dream!
Jolt:Oww My ears all I hear is Ringing.
Ribbon: Do that again and Ill stangle you.
Clover:Well then you Guys should stop being such Lazy Bones.
Midnight:And you wonder why im always mad!Ugh im going to the River.
Jolt:Me too.
Ribbon and Crystal:Wait for us!
Clover:Ok im going to the Forest be back in a Hour
Crystal:What ever.
(Clover went over to the Forest)

Clover:Where is One where is One?huh Theres one!(Clover picked up A red Rose then she had alots of Roses)Well thats enough now to go home.Uh which way is home?No this is Bad This is bad.Huh?(Clover saw a Foongus in the Rose she Picked up)Oh No!(The Foongus Shot Sleep Powder at Clover)Ugh
Crystal:Huh thats weird?
Ribbon:Whats weird?
Crystal:Clover said she would be back in a Hour she shoud of been back right Now?
Ribbon:She might Be in trouble!
Crystal:Ok lets Get the Boys and Go to the Forest!
(Later in the Forest)

Midnight:Ok everyone Split up Ill go with Crystal Jolt you go With Ribbon
Jolt:Got it!
Crystal:Wait!Look at This!Its Clover's Bow!
Ribbon:That means she went to the Left!
Midnight:Ok lets go!
Jolt:we have been serching for atleast half an hour.how can we not find her!
Midnight:Crystal Found her!
Ribbon:She looks like shes been attacked by sleep Powder!
Midnight:Ok ill carry her out!
Ribbon:Ill find us a Way out!(Ribbon Climed up a Tree and saw a Way out)Ok go To the Right!
Jolt:Lets Go!(Everyone ran out of the Forest and to the River)
Midnight:Finally were out!
Ribbon:But Clover's Still asleep
Crystal:I think she gets what she deserves.On the count of 3, 1,2,3!
Everyone:WAKE UP CLOVER!!!
Clover:Shut Up
Jolt:You deserved it
Clover:I hate you guys.
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    Midnight Umbreon
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    Aug 21, 2015