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Pokemon Survivors: The battle to start all

by Mrmimelover24800

Mrmimelover24800 The gloomy cave that stands on the island is home to legendary pokemon known as darkrai !
With our two hero's here ,on bun bun bunolga island, they wondered what laid inside the cave. The two left all the other people , who were playing with bunearys and bunlbys, to enter the cave. In the cave writing was on the , it was spelt in unknown, it said ''those who enter must be ready because they shall be a chance they do not exit alive !'' Luckily Grace can read unknown language ; the agreed they should enter the cave.
Entering the cave they spotted two team eruption members muttering to each other about creating
a new world. The grunts fell asleep giving Grace and Sinbad Jed the chance to tip toe past. A old scroll laid on the floor, about plans for creating a new world just like team eclipse planed and ages ago Donnie was a team eclipse grunt!
  1. Mrmimelover24800
    Hope you guys enjoy me series of pokemon survivors this is a story about two young trainers on quest to be the best.
    Feb 13, 2018