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Pokemon Survivors: the battle to start all

by Mrmimelover24800

Mrmimelover24800 now arriving at a new town and surviving the rumbling cave
With the rumbling cave collapsed behind them they managed to escaped by the skin of their teeth. Luckily nether simbad jed and grace were hurt. Continuing on their journey, they reached an old battered signpost signalling the town of Aquadema.

A long and winding path twisted and turned in the tall grass like a slithering serpant. At the end a the path Simbad and Grace could see bright and gleaming lights surrounded by the most dazzling blue lake. It shone like diamonds in the sunlight almost blinding the pair.

Without a second thought they began to run down the path. They were eager to explore everything Aquadema has to offer.

At the entrance of the town of Aquadema ,they were greeted by the kind hearted gym leader Gemma.
She loves when people come to visit Aquadema. To give them a nice start to their visit Gemma gave them tickets to bun bun bunolga island. The tickets read boat sips at 13.15, this was only 8 minutes away. The duo swiftly ran down to the docks. Our hero's boarded the ship to bun bun bunolga island.

Finally at bun bun bunolga island the two exited the boat. The two were amazed of the amount of bunlby and buneary ! A gloomy cave stood in front of hem towering over them.