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The Battle of Mt. Everwhite

by TheSalamence

TheSalamence Caleb and Micheal travel to the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Everwhite, to stop two Giovanni, the leader of team Rocket, and Cyrus, the leader of team Galactic.
Twelve-year-old Caleb and fourteen-year-old Michael stepped out of the airplane. "We're finally here!" exclaimed Caleb. "Yeah, and it's pretty cold here in Antarctica, unlike California, replied Michael. “Glad we could finally get away from that hot weather. Hey, isn't that Mount Everwhite over there?" "Yeah, it is! it's pretty tall, isn't it?" Caleb asked. "Well yeah, it's the tallest mountain in the world!" Replied Michael. They made their way to the hotel, the snow crunching under their feet as they moved along. They stepped outside after unpacking their belongings. “Don’t forget why we're here,” reminded Michael. “We need to stop Giovanni and Cyrus. It won't be easy.” “Well I trained my Pokemon more, so we should be fine,” Said Caleb, “and speaking of Pokemon, we should let them out of their Pokeballs. They have been in them the entire flight here.” “Good idea. Everyone, come out!” Examined Micheal, tossing his Pokeballs in the air. The white beams of light shaped into his Pokemon, then gained their color. “You come out too!” Shouted Caleb, also tossing his pokeballs in the air. His Dragonite, Charizard, Pikachu, Feraligatr, Venusaur, and Rhydon stretched after being in their pokeballs for hours. Soon they went to the kitchen for dinner. Satisfied after eating dinner, they changed into their pajamas, and went to bed, aware of the day they had ahead of them.

They woke early the next morning, due to the alarm clocks they set the night before. “Uhhh, groaned Caleb, not used to getting up and 8:00 A.M. “Hey Michael, you awake? “Yeah,” he responded. “We should get ready and have breakfast.” After laying the tip on the breakfast table, they went to their room to prepare. “Look guys, Michael said, lecturing his Blastoise, Eelektross, Salamence, Arcanine, Sceptile, and Onix, “We have a big day ahead of us. There will be some tough battles, I heard how strong of a trainer Giovanni is. I need you all to do your best, which I trust you can all do for me.” His Pokemon made their respective sounds in response, showing they were ready for anything. Caleb also finished his pep talk with his pokemon, and they both returned their pokemon to their pokeballs. “Well I guess we head over to mount Everwhite, and climb it. Got your stuff ready yet?” Caleb asked. “ I sure do,” answered Michael, “And you are probably ready if you're asking me if I’m ready.” “Yeah I'm ready!” Caleb examined confidently. They left the hotel and headed for mount Everwhite.

After trudging through the thick white snow, they finally arrived at Mount Everwhite. “Whoa,” gasped Caleb. “This thing looks way bigger from up close. Hey, see that cave entrance? We should start there.” Turning on their flashlights, they stepped inside the dark tunnel. After a few minutes of walking, three wild gravelers jumped out from the darkness! “Go, Feraligatr!” Shouted Caleb. “Come on out, Sceptile!” exclaimed Michael. “Feraligatr, use hydro pump!” “Sceptile, use leaf blade!” Feraligatr opened his mouth and a blast of water shot out, while Sceptile lunged at another graveler, delivering a hard blow to it. The third graveler lunged at Feraligatr, landed on his back, and headbuted him. Feraligatr shook him off and whipped around, while Caleb commanded him to use ice punch. The icy fist landed hard on the graveler, knocking it out. “Nice job, Feraligatr!” Congratulated Caleb. “That was great, Sceptile!” complemented Michael. They both returned their pokemon to their pokeballs.

After fending off a few more wild pokemon, they eventually reached the end of the tunnel. The tunnel winded uphill, so they were about 500 feet up the mountain. “Well, we still have quite a ways to go,” sighed Caleb. They walked up the narrow and snowy ledges of the mountain, through the long and uphill tunnels, until it was getting dark. “We should rest in the next cave we find,” suggested Micheal.” it's getting pretty dark. After a few more minutes of walking, they found a roomy cave with a burntout campfire. “Hey, I’ll use Charizard's flame on his tail to relight this wood.” Caleb threw Charizard's pokeball in the air and Charizard came out. “Hey Charizard, could you relight this campfire with your tail?” Charizard moaned happily in response and stuck his tail in the wood. The wood soon lit up and was burning away. Caleb thanked Charizard and threw the rest of his pokeballs. Caleb ordered, “I’ll need you guys to take turns keeping guard, okay?” Michael also threw his pokeballs and commanded, “You guys can help watch too, and since there are 12 of you, you won't have too take long of a turn. And wake us up around 8, or earlier if you spot something suspicious. ” Caleb added. Caleb and Michael unrolled their sleeping bags, got in them, and fell asleep.

The next morning, Caleb woke up to his Dragonite poking him. “Uhh, what time is it?” Caleb wondered, looking at his watch.”It looks like it's 8 already.” He turned over to see Michael's Salamence poking him. “Go away, I want to sleep,” Michael groaned. “Well we need to get going, it's 8 already,” disciplined Caleb. “Ok whatever,” Michael complained. “So did you spot anything suspicious last night?” Questioned Caleb. His pokemon shook their heads in response. “Ok, good.” After having breakfast, packing their belongings and returning their pokemon to their pokeballs, Michael and Caleb set off again. After another day of climbing mount Everwhite, they eventually reached the the end of the final tunnel. “Finally!” Gasped Michael. “It looks like we just have to walk along this path for a bit, and we will be at the top!” As they reached the top, they saw a helicopter finish landing, and two men stepped out. The two men were Giovanni and Cyrus.

"Well well, who are these two young men?” Giovanni questioned. “Probably some foolish children who think they can stop us.” Cyrus answered. “Well you got some of it right. We do think we can stop you, and we will!” Caleb confidently replied. “And if you weren't so ignorant, you would know that this guy right here beat the pokemon league!” Michael added. “Heh heh heh, well we will show you that we are stronger than the pokemon league! Ahahahahahahah!” Exclaimed Giovanni. "Go, Persian!" "Crobat, I need your assistance!" Cyrus shouted. "Go, Eelektross!" commanded Michael. "come on out, Dragonite!" Caleb yelled. "Hit that Persian with your dragon breath!" "Quick, dodge it, and use slash!" commanded Giovanni. The Persian skillfully dodged the attack and scratched his sharp claws on Dragonite. "Get that Persian with thunderbolt, Eelektross! Michael shouted. The beam of electricity zapped the Persian. "Quick Crobat, use poison fang on that Eelektross!" Cyrus commanded. The Crobat flew at the Eelektross, landing its fangs into the Eelektross’ skin, and poisoning it. "Dragonite, use thunderbolt on Crobat! shouted Caleb. The bolt of electricity landed square on the Crobat, which caused it to faint.

"No! Crobat!" Cyrus gasped, and returned it to its pokeball. "Go, Houndoom! Use flamethrower to take out that Eelektross!” The blast of fire landed square on Eelektross’ face, and while he flinched Giovanni shouted to his Persian,”Use slash!” Persian leaped onto Eelektross, and delivered a hard blow with his claws to Eelektross’ back, causing it to faint. “No!” Michael exclaimed. “Eelektross, Return! Go, Blastoise! Use hydro pump on Houndoom!” “Dodge it, quick! Cyrus shouted. The Houndoom leaped just in time to avoid the deadly blast of water. “Persian, use thunderbolt!” Commanded Giovanni. Michael was not paying any attention to Giovanni, as he was focusing on Cyrus’s houndoom. So Caleb Commanded, “Quick Dragonite, take that thunderbolt!” Dragonite flew in front of Blastoise, resulting in a zap from the thunderbolt. “Thanks Caleb!” Thanked Michael. “Dragonite, use Dragon breath on Persian!” Caleb Commanded. The Deadly blast landed square on the Persian. Michael shouted “Blastoise, use hydro pump on Persian!” The blast of water hit the Persian, and KOed it.

“No! Roared Giovanni.”Persian, Return! Go, Golem! use earthquake!” Golem jumped up and landed hard on the ground, damaging both Dragonite and Blastoise. While the two pokemon were momentarily stunned from the powerful attack, Cyrus commanded: “Houndoom, finish of that Dragonite with take down!” The Houndoom charged at Dragonite and landed a flying leap on it, knocking out Dragonite and dealing recoil damage to itself. “Woah, these guys are pretty strong!” Complemented Caleb. “Dragonite, return! Go, Venusaur! Use sunny day!” The sunlight immediately grew
strong. “Now use solar beam on Golem!” Venusaur charged up the powerful grasstype attack, and consequently was immobilized for a short time. Giovanni took this opportunity and commanded: “Golem, use fire blast on Venusaur!” Just then, Venusaur’s solarbeam had charged and both fatal attacks landed head on to their targets, causing both pokemon to faint.

While that ordeal was taking place, Michael was dealing with Cyrus. “Houndoom, use crunch!” The fire dog leaped towards Blastoise, jaws wide open. “Blastoise, use Hydro pump!” But Blastoise’s water cannons were not at the correct angle, and there was not enough time to adjust. The Houndoom’s powerful jaws landed on Blastoise. After Caleb and Giovanni’s Pokemon both fainted they recalled their Pokemon and sent out new ones. “Go, Rhydon!” Commanded Caleb. “Go, Dugtrio!” Giovanni shouted. “Use dig on Rhydon!” “Rhydon use earthquake!” After Dugtrio dug its hole, Rhydon stomped the ground, causing an earthquake, damaging Dugtrio and KOing Houndoom. “No!” Gasped Cyrus. Houndoom, return! Gyarados, I need your assistance!” The Dugtrio shot up from under Rhydon, resulting in serious damage, due to the type effectiveness.

“Gyarados, use surf!” Cyrus commanded. The completely unavoidable attack damaged all the Pokemon, but Caleb turned it to his advantage. “Rhydon, use Thunderbolt!” Electricity filled the whole arena, causing Gyarados and Blastoise to faint, and Dugtrio fainted due to the surf attack, which also badly damaged Rhydon. “Sorry Michael, didn’t think of that,” Caleb apologized. “That's okay, at least both of their Pokemon got taken out!” Michael replied. “Arrrrgggghhhh!” growled Cyrus. “Gyarados, Return! Weavile, come out!” “Blastoise, Return! Go, Arcanine!” Michael shouted. Giovanni hollard: “Dugtrio, return! Get ‘em, Nidoking! Use double kick on Rhydon! “Rhydon, dodge it!” Caleb ordered. Nidoking leaped towards Rhydon, but Rhydon jumped out of the way in time. “Weavile, use ice punch on Rhydon!” Cyrus commanded.

“Arcanine, use Flamethrower to stop weavile!” Shouted Michael. Weavile charged towards Rhydon, But a blast of fire stopped it in it’s tracks. “Nidoking, use horn drill on Rhydon!” Ordered Giovanni. Nidoking raced towards Rhydon, and its horn struck Rhydon hard in the chest, and KOed it. “That Rhydon took quite a number of attacks,” Caleb complemented. “Return. Go, Charizard! use Flamethrower on Weavile!” “Dodge it, and use slash!” Cyrus commanded. The Weavile leaped away from the pillar of fire and then leaped towards Charizard. It was getting closer. When it was two feet awayfrom Charizard, Caleb screamed “Charizard, use Slash!” Just before the sharp claws of the Weavile were about to slash their target, Charizard’s claws struck first, dealing a critical hit, causing weavile to faint.

“Weavile, return. Go, Honchkrow!” Commanded Cyrus. “Use wing attack on Arcanine!” Honchkrow swooped down, and its powerful wings struck Arcanine. “Nidoking, use Earthquake!” Giovanni announced. The powerful pokemon slammed his foot against the ground. The battlefield shook, and Arcanine fainted, but Charizard and Honchkrow flew in the air so the ground did not touch them as it was shaking. “No! Arcanine!” Michael gasped. “Return. Go, Onix!” “Nidoking, use double kick on Onix!” shouted Giovanni. Nidoking Jumped towards Onix, but Michael countered it. “Onix, use bind!” “Charizard, use Slash!” Caleb ordered. Charizard flew towards the helpless Nidoking and gave it a taste of his sharp claws. Giovanni shouted, “Nidoking, use Thunderbolt!” Nidoking’s horn built up energy and released the wave of electricity, releasing Onix’s grip and KOing Charizard. “No!” Bellowed Caleb. “Return, Charizard! Go, Feraligatr! Use Hydro pump on Nidoking!” “Onix, use rock slide on Honchkrow!” Ordered Michael. The pile of rocks crushed Honchkrow as the pillar of water blasted Nidoking, Knocking out both Pokemon.

“Nidoking, return! Go, Marowak!” Commanded Giovanni. “Come back, Honchkrow! Heh heh heh, you’ve pulled out my last pokemon, which happens to be my best pokemon. Crush them, Garchomp!” “No!” Caleb and Michael both exclaimed. “I've heard he is one of the best pokemon!” Caleb commented. “Well prepare for the worst!” Cyrus added. “Garchomp, use dragon claw on Onix!” Garchomp’s deadly claws Scratched Onix, and the powerful move from the powerful pokemon caused Onix to faint. “This is where the battle gets fun!” Michael commented. “Onix, return! Go, Sceptile! Use leaf blade on Marowak!” “Dodge it!” Giovanni Shouted. But sceptile was too fast, and the leafs on its arm collided with Marowak. “Garchomp, use Thunderbolt on Feraligatr!” Cyrus Ordered.

The electricity zapped Feraligatr, and surprisingly did not KO it. “Yes!” Caleb exclaimed. “Now use hydro pump on Marowak!” The blast of water shot out of Feraligatr’s mouth and onto Marowak, causing it to faint. “Marowak, return. Heh heh, now I get to bring out my best!” Giovanni announced. “Go, Rhydon!” “woah,” Caleb gasped. “I heard he used that Rhydon to win many gym battles when he was a gym leader. And my Rhydon is not nearly as strong as that one.” “Enough chit chat.” Ordered Giovanni. “Rhydon, use fire blast on Sceptile!” “Dodge it, Quick!” Michael shouted. “Garchomp, you use fire blast too!” Cyrus ordered. Sceptile rolled out of the fire blast’s path, but received the other blast of fire, and fainted due to Garchomp’s high power. “Return, Sceptile! Go, Salamence! Use dragon breath on Garchomp!” Salamence’s attack successfully landed on it’s target. “Feraligatr, use Hydro pump on Rhydon!” Commanded Caleb. “Dodge It!” Shouted Giovanni.

Rhydon ducked down, avoiding the deadly attack. “Garchomp, use Dragon claw on Feraligatr!” Garchomp raced over to Feraligatr and slashed it with his claws, knocking him out. “Feraligatr, return!” Caleb commanded. “Now I'm down to my last Pokemon. Go, Pikachu!” “My Rhydon can make quick work of that Pikachu. Rhydon, use earthquake!” Ordered Giovanni. “Pikachu, Dodge it!” Caleb responded. As the mighty Rhydon once again slammed his powerful foot against the rocky battlefield, Pikachu leaped into the air, and the vigorous attack only damaged Garchomp. “Now use agility, Pikachu!” Caleb Ordered. “Use steel wing on rhydon!” Michael Commanded. As Pikachu ran around increasing it’s speed, Salamence Flew towards Rhydon, striking it with it’s wings. “PIkachu, use Iron tail on Rhydon!” Shouted Caleb. “Garchomp, stop it with Dragon claw!” Ordered Cyrus. “Salamence, Protect Pikachu! Use Dragon Breath!” Michael commanded. PIkachu Charged towards Rhydon, Garchomp ran towards Pikachu, But was stopped by Salamence’s Dragon breath. Pikachu was able to land a successful hit on Rhydon, but that did not take it down. “Rhydon, use ice beam on Salamence!” Giovanni Shouted. “Quick Salamence, use dragon breath on Rhydon!” Michael ordered. Both Pokemon fired their attacks.

Both Pokemon laid knocked out on the battlefield, leaving only two pokemon remaining. Both trainers recalled their Pokemon. The battle was now Pikachu vs. Garchomp. “Pikachu, use quick attack!” Pikachu darted toward Salamence, but was quickly countered by Cyrus. “Use dragon claw.” The mighty Pokemon swung his claws at PIkachu. He laid on the ground. “No! Pikachu!” Caleb exclaimed. “You have to get up! Please!” PIkachu slowly struggled to his feet. “Yes!” Shouted Caleb. “Now leap ontoGarchomp, and use thunder!” Pikachu charged toward Garchomp and leaped onto his head, were Garchomp could not do anything. “Pika... CHUUUUUUUU!!!” PIkachu shouted as he released the powerful attack at close range. Garchomp fell face first onto the ground. “No!” Garchomp!” Gasped Cyrus. “How could we lose?” “Well it doesn’t matter.” Giovanni added. “Look right there, at that portal. Let's go and destroy this puny world from the safety of the Reverse world.” “No, don't. You don't understand.” Caleb explained. “These two world, our World and the Reverse World, must maintain balance. If one gets destroyed, the other will also be destroyed. One cannot live without the other.” “And why should we listen to a mere Child?” Cyrus questioned. “Come on, let's go.” as they walked towards the portal, a dragon breath attack landed right in front of their feet, causing them to jump back. “I don't think so.” Everyone Looked at the sky to see who this person was. There was a Dragonite, and its rider was Lance the Dragon Master. “I saw that battle. It was pretty intense. I didn’t want to disturb such a great battle. That Pikachu of your was amazing.” “Thanks Lance.” Caleb replied. “Oh and I’m not alone.” Lance added, as multiple helicopters flew into the scene. One of them landed, and a few men jumped out. “You two will be going with us. Lance, get their pokemon.” After Giovanni and Cyrus were successfully captured, Lanced offered to fly them back. “Sure, we can take a lift.” Michael answered.

After reaching the hotel, Caleb and Michael invited Lance into their room for dinner. Lance accepted the offer and dined with them. There was a feast that consisted of macaroni and cheese, with ice cream for dessert. After gorging on food, Michael pulled out his poker set, and they gambled with the chips for hours. At 12:00 PM, Lance yawned and told them that he should get going. “Ok, well it was a fun night.” Caleb yawned. “We should get to bed.” After packing up the