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The Band of Merry Men: The Band of Merry Men Introduction/Q&A

by Formerly Known as Sticks

Formerly Known as Sticks In this piece, I shall introduce you all to the Band of Merry Men.
For Reference on the Band, Click This Link!
Ready... Set... Go!

Emperor BumpaDump: Greetings, peasants of Pokecharms! I am Emperor BumpaDump, emperor of Friggleston, and...
Professor Sticks: Yes, BumpaDump, Fraggleston is still there.
Good. Anyhow, where was I...? Oh, right! I am also current executive of this profile, hence its namesake. I would like to introduce you to my acquaintances, Professor Sticks and Professor Loon, although the latter professor seems to be gone at the moment.
I'm sure he'll show up sooner or later. Probably just frolicking in the "daisies." Although I hesitate to call landmines "daisies."
Yes, yes... Well, what were we here for again?
*Crew member whispers reminder in Emperor BumpaDump's ear*
Oh, right! We are here to... introduce ourselves, although I believe I have done tha-
*Professor Loon crashes through roof onto the immaculate palace floor*
Professor Loon: *Holds up feeble thumbs-up* I'm all right, Samuel...
For the last time, my name is not Samuel!
Okay, Jennifer... *Faints*
He'll be fine. *Slowly drags off to the side*
Anyway, I have also been informed that we will be holding a Q&A for our little introduction, probably to better understand the three of us. I believe that is all. *Makes shooing motion towards the comments*
  1. Tamazarokon
    Samuel, no, Jennifer, I mean Sticks! What do you think of Professer Loon(ey)?
    Mar 25, 2017