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The Arena

by NightRaven

NightRaven (Though, yes, my stories are on hiatus, I wanted to create this one. After all, I kinda want to try it out and see if it is a good idea for a RP. I'm kinda doubting it, though...)

Raven, a cat in the arena, has learned of the dark past of the arena; how it came to be. She wants to change it back to how it was before, but she fears she'll die doing so...but she still is determined to try. Fighting endlessly, this cat has been trying to get her way to the top and fix everything. Will she be able to change the arena to how it was before? Or will she fail and be remembered for her powerful attempt? (Also, here's a warning; this will contain quite a bit of violence. If you don't want to read anything like that...then I fear you can't read the story... Sorry!)
Leader: Midnight- pitch black she-cat with green eyes; founder of the group
Deputy: Raine- blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes
Healer: Blaze- ginger male fox with auburn paws and amber eyes
Amber- ginger she-cat with amber eyes
Frost- white she-cat with icy blue eyes
Brooke- brown tabby she-cat with grey eyes
Spirit- silver she-cat with one blue eye (left) and one green eye (right)
Soul- silver she-cat with one blue eye (right) and one green eye (left)
Aya- ginger she-cat with green eyes
Tiger- dark brown tabby tom with green eyes
Raven- black she-cat with bright blue eyes

Ice- white vixen (A female fox) with bright blue eyes
Bramble- brown reynard (a male fox) with amber eyes
Bracken- a ginger reynard with darker paws and yellow eyes
Runner- silver vixen with green eyes
Thorn- brown vixen with green eyes
Feather- gray vixen with green eyes
Stone- large gray male wolf with green eyes
Night- black female wolf with amber eyes

Cloude- white male wolf with blue eyes
Shadow- black male wolf with amber eyes
Ember- ginger female wolf with yellow eyes
Leaf- gray female wolf with green eyes

Leader: Dusk- ginger female wolf with amber eyes
Deputy: Thunder- large golden tom with yellow eyes
Healer: Emerald- ginger vixen with green eyes
Red- dark ginger tom with amber eyes
Slash- gray she-cat with a long white stripe on her side and unusually long claws
Silver- silver tom with yellow eyes
Pine- dark brown tabby tom with dark green eyes
Ivy- gray-and-white tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Dove- gray she-cat with green eyes

Sappire- ginger vixen with dark blue eyes
Storm- gray reynard with yellow eyes
Snow- white vixen with icy blue eyes and a long scar on her shoulder
Lily- silver vixen with green eyes
Gray- grey reynard with amber eyes
Scar- gray male wolf with amber eyes
Sol- ginger male wolf with yellow eyes
Moon- silver female wolf with yellow eyes
Shade- dark gray female wolf with blue eyes
Oak- ginger male wolf with green eyes
Birch- white female wolf with black markings and green eyes

Leader: Dawn- ginger she-cat with yellow eyes
Deputy: Blade- gray male wolf with one grey eye and one blue eye
Healer: Midas- thick-furred golden wolf with yellow eyes
Ranger- golden tom with green eyes
Moss- large gray she-cat with green eyes
Squirrel- ginger she-cat with white paws and amber eyes
X- white tom with a black "X" shape on forehead and chest as well as, oddly, white eyes
Okami- white she-cat with dark ginger markings and green eyes
Ash- gray tom with blue eyes
Soot- gray she-cat with blue eyes
Ami- ginger vixen with yellow eyes
Bone- thin white reynard with amber eyes
Sun- golden reynard with yellow eyes
Yami(Darkness in Japanese)- black reynard with dark amber eyes
Akumu (Nightmare in Japanese)- black male wolf with dark blue eyes
Spark- golden female wolf with yellow eyes
Yin- white male wolf with light blue eyes and a black patch of fur on forehead
Yang- black female wolf with dark amber eyes and a white patch of fur on forehead
Zero- dark gray male wolf with one blue eye and one amber eye and a short tail

True Leader: Cinder- dark grey she-cat with amber eyes
True Deputy: Arrow- black tom with gray stripes, a white arrow-shaped marking on forehead and amber eyes

A pitch black reynard was snarling at a dark brown tabby. The tabby glared at the reynard. A blue-gray she-cat with white paws and a black tom with gray stripes and a white arrow-shaped marking were watching nearby. "This is the end of the line for you, Yami..." The tabby snarled. Yami lunged at the tabby and bit its foreleg.
"That's all you can say, Tiger..." Yami retorted. Tiger slashed at Yami's face with his long claws, hissing. "Let go of me you fool!" Tiger snarled. "Oh? Why? Are you going to 'rip my face off'?" Yami countered. Yami shook Tiger constantly and soon let go, having him flying across the arena.
"This is too easy..." Yami snarled. Tiger got up and lunged at Yami, sinking his claws in the reynard's eyes and blinding him for a while. He then slid under Yami and began to slash away with his long claws. "I know, this is too easy!" Tiger snarled. Yami was growling in pain.
Tiger made a powerful attempt to tip the fox over onto it's side, and it was successful. Tiger then lunged at Yami, basically tearing him open from the base of his tail to his face. Yami screeched and soon died due to a strong amount of blood loss. Tiger glanced at the True Leader and Deputy of the Arena. The two nodded and made an announcement that Tiger had won the battle.
Tiger yowled in triumph and Cinder, the True Leader, and Arrow, the True Deputy, escorted him back to his group. "Amazing job, Tiger! We're going to be the best in the whole Arena!" Midnight, the leader of his group, mewed. Tiger smiled and nodded. The large green-eyed tabby padded away, ears flicking. Midnight followed him as did the rest of the group; little did they know that another would join their group...
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  1. NightRaven
    Yes xD I had to. I couldn't come up with anything.
    Dec 29, 2015
  2. Twilight Nova
    Twilight Nova
    X3 Okami!
    Dec 29, 2015
  3. NightRaven
    Now to actually begin the story xD This story won't be over within only a couple hundred words; I'll make sure there's atleast 2,000 words in it (Probably not counting the Allegiances.)
    Dec 29, 2015
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  4. NightRaven
    The allegiances will be finished soon!

    Here's some information on the story:
    In the arena, wolves, cats, and foxes fight for their lives. They fight to the death; one must die for the battle to end. It wasn't always like this, however...in fact, the true leader of the arena watched as two animals fought. They had to stop the fight before one died...but that all changed only a few decades after. When Hawk, an ambitious leader, came to rule over the Arena, he changed everything.
    He forced them to fight to the death....and this changed everything. Ever since that dark day, the Arena has done so. Groups are named for their founders and they stay that way. There are four levels of power: Leader (first in command), Deputy (second in command), Healer (Third in command), and the "fighters" otherwise known as warriors who have no right to power. The leader doesn't need permission to give out orders through their group or call the group to a meeting; deputies and healers (and occasionally even warriors) have to ask the leader for permission.
    Raven, one of the few who are willing to fight for the Arena to be returned to normal, has fought endlessly. She may seem weak, but she is much different than others think...
    Dec 27, 2015
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