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the anime geek and gaming nerd chapter 1

by TheBakaBanana

TheBakaBanana to lazy...
Natsu's POV

I was on Wattpad again and i finished my new chapter for my Seto x Reader. My name on wattpad was Loser-Like-Me ah that is my favorite song! (Ps im not going to use my real wattpad name cause i dont want to idk why i just dont wanna)
"Natsu-chan!!! Lunch is done!!" Yelled my friend Abi from downstairs. Yeah me and her are both 18 and living in the same house it was my idea. I thought of it when we where kids and she agreed.
"Coming!" i yelled from upstairs i loved Abi's cooking she was sooo good at it!
I run down stairs and grab a plate of her cooking and sat at our table "come on hurry up i wanna eat!!!" We made a deal that the other cant eat until we're both at the table.

Abi's POV

I finished our lunch mac'n'cheesh and soup so i yell up at Natsu "Natsu-chan!!! Lunch is done!!" Then she runs down the stairs and grabs a plate if food and sits at the table and whines "come on hurry up i wanna eat!!!" 'She's such a kid' so i grab a plate of food and sat down and started eating and of course she is stuffing her mouth with her food. "H-hey slow down!" I scolded her "k 'moooom' " she said to me "for 1. I'm not your mom and 2. Are you live streaming today?" I say "yeah right after Lunch why you wanna be in it?" She asked me.

Natsu's POV

"Sure" replied Abi
"Cool um it starts in 10 minutes so we better get ready" i tell her
"K" she said and then we finish our food and put our dishes in the sink "5 more minutes" i say and then race up the stairs and into my room and get the live stream ready and put face-cam up "1. Minute!" I yell from my room "no need to yell" Abi said standing in front of the door wearing our old high school uniform "why da hells ya wearing dat" i said "i dont know maybe cause i want to and where a minute late start you ficken live stream" she replied
"Ok ok women clam down" i say to her as she pulls up a chair. I start my Live Stream. "Sup peeps how ya do'in sorry im a minute late i or should i say we had some difficulty *ping*

*chat box*


DerpyRules : Yuri ship!!

Awesome Gamer 101 : Guys there just friends i cant believe you guys thought about that kinda stuff.... -_-

LadyG Here! : Shaddd up you know nothing AG101!!

DerpyRules : Yeah now leave!

Mlpderpy Animederpy : Guys where just friends so plz ship us and dont tell AG101 to leave again or in fact anyone or i will unsub you and block you ok so be nice to each other!

Awesome Gamer 101 : Thanks derpy!

Mlpderpy Animederpy : Np! (° ^-^ °)

*chat box over*

"What was go'in on" Abi asked
"Huh oh well looks like where being shipped" i say "but lets just get back to the live stream" i say and we go back to it.

*Time-Skip Btyb Natsu-san meets Natsu-Kun*
*While you and Abi where playing a rpg horror game*

"I'm so scared to go down this hallwaaaay" i said jokingly then a jump scare pops up then me and Abi jump back "fuck!" I said "opps sorry guys"

*chat box on*

Kyameron-Kun does videos : Sup Derpy remember me Kyameron from school?

Mlpderpy Animederpy : ...umm maybe do you have facebook or skype?

Kyameron-Kun does videos : Yeah both wanna talk later im Kyameron-Kun on both.

Mlpderpy Animederpy : k ttyl.

*chat box off*

"Ok peeps i have been Live Streaming for 2 almost 3 hours so im going to end it see ya!" after i say that i end the live stream "Hey Abi have we ever known someone named Kyameron?" i ask her "hmm... i dont know...why?" she asked "no reason" i say with a big smile "ok..."

*Abi's POV*

"Hey Abi have we ever known someone named Kyameron?" Natsu asks me "hmm... i dont know...why?" i asked "no reason" she says with that big goofy smile "ok..." i say then i stand up and walk to my room to do some videos for my own channel.

*Natsu's POV*

I get on skype and look up Kyameron-Kun and i find him so i request him as a friend (sorry if i get stuff wrong i have never gone on skype T-T) then right after that he said yes to it. Then he sent me a video chat request so i said yes. Then i right when i see his face i remember he was my-!