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The Ancient Town: The Ancient Town: Introduction 3

by Tudor21G

Tudor21G The kids get taken away by the water current... But this has happened before... At least, to one or two of them, but not all three
The Helixes

Once upon a time, in an antique sea, in an underwater cave, the Helix family. There were the two parents, which were Omastar, and their three loving children, which were Omanyte. The kids were playing outside the cave, under the watch of their parents. The water currents were strong that day, but the kids handled it just well... Until the afternoon came. The winds got strong, blowing away every little thing that wasn't ready for it. And since the winds got strong, the currents got even stronger. This time, the kids weren't so graceful in the water. The currents took them away, to the East. The parents got frustrated, this has happened before to one, maybe two of them, but never all three. They quickly swam after them, the current giving them a boost. Minutes were passing really quickly and the parents were beginning to lose hope, but soon spotted their children stuck in a coral reef. They swam over to the coral and hugged them really tight. "We were so worried for you!" The father said with tears in his eyes (or maybe it was just water).
"Let's go home! You'll be safe there!" The mother said, patting their heads. The children shakily nodded and swam after their parents. Once they reached their cave, they immediately got in, to avoid the same incident from happening. They curled up together and began talking, until they eventually fell asleep.
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