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The Ancient Town: The Ancient Town: Introduction 2

by Tudor21G

Tudor21G A basic day in the Skull family
The Skulls

As usual, the Skull family was training all day. They were head butting one another, often laughing when someone would fall over. Loud bangs could be heard when the two parents would clash. As it quickly became the afternoon, the mother spoke "Ahaha! This has been a great training session! Now, it's lunch time! Let's go pick some berries in the ol' 'Skull' way!" The rest of the family roared with joy and dashed outside of their cave. Whenever one of them would find a tree with enough berries for everyone, they would all head butt it, splitting it in 8 pieces. When the berries would fall to the ground, they would all fight for who gets to eat the most.
After they had their bellies full, they scurried back to their cave, bumping into trees on the way. They started head butting each other again, but this time they were just playing tag. Eventually, they all passed out from exhaustion and got a good 'beauty' sleep.
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