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The Ancient Town: The Ancient Town: Introduction 1

by Tudor21G

Tudor21G The Sail family are getting ready for a new family member
The Sails

It has been a long day. The sun was setting and the moon was raising.
The Sail family has been in it's cave for the entire day for safety reasons and it is finally time for them to come out. The mother of the clan is staying inside to protect her newly laid egg. So, it is the father's duty to protect his two loving children. They will adventure away from their chilly mountain just to get enough food for when the baby will hatch.
"Be careful, we don't want to wake up any Tyrantrum." The father spoke. "I know they aren't always out to get us, but if we wake one up, it won't be happy." He plucked some berries from a tall tree and put them on his back. Meanwhile, his children were taking some berries from a nearby bush. "This will be enough, let's go." They quietly headed back to their mountain, only being noticed by Bastiodon who woke up early. They arrived back at the cave, putting the berries near the egg. The father laid beside the mother, looking lovingly at the egg, while the kids were goofing off, excited that they will have a younger sibling. They all fell asleep eventually, before the egg cracked a little.
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