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Aureolis Stuff: The Allure of Aureolis Prolouge

by PrincessPika~chan

PrincessPika~chan Akara and her best friend Zeta begin they're adventure through the wonderful and beautiful Aureolis region, one of them longing to be the champion and the other aspiring to be the best performer in the region.

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Lily Mariel was sitting outside the Lilou-la Café, enjoying some special, limited-edition, Alolan tea when all of a sudden someone called out: “Hey! There you are, Lily! I’ve been looking all over Solaurea City for you! You don’t wanna miss another one of my performances do you?” Lily sipped some more of her tea before putting her cup down;

“Basil, I know how your performances go. Everyone I see performing always uses the same tricks and techniques over and over again, even your performances are getting kinda boring now.”

Meanwhile, Akara Naskia and her best friend, Zeta Star, were getting ready to explore the vast Aureolis region together, “Say, where’ll you get some Pokéballs, Akara? I mean, you’ve gotta pick them up somewhere,” Zeta said as she looked over at her friend’s bag, Akara shut her bag and swung it over her shoulder;

“I’ll buy ten of them at Flinena City, that okay with you?” Akara replied before she left the room.

Once Akara and Zeta reached Flinena City, Zeta heard her Pidove singing out: “Pid-pid-o-o-ove! Pi-Pidooovvve!” Akara looked at the Pidove with her head tilted slightly;

“What was that little song of yours about Piede?” Zeta asked her Pidove in a gentle tone;

“Dove! Pi dove dove pidove!” Piede said as she pointed her wing at the many Pokémon in the sky;

“Of course! Piede must be excited to see so many bird Pokémon! After all, it is a bird Pokémon itself!” Akara pointed out, “Bird Pokémon aren’t particularly strong in battles aside from Talonflame, which seem to be weaker here than in Kalos, but of course, you care more about a Pokémon’s style than its battle potential, so a Pidove is the perfect Pokémon to start with for you!” Zeta groaned, Akara frequently rambled quite a lot, so that wasn’t out of the ordinary, but it was annoying nonetheless.

Akara headed to the Pokémon Centre, but before she had quite reached the doors, someone riding on a Linenird swooped down in front of the Pokémon Centre, the rider sat up, handing her Pokémon a small, pink, highly decorated treat, “You pulled off those stunts perfectly Linen! I only have the one Pokéron for now, but I’ll buy you some more soon!” the rider said as she got off the cream-coloured bird Pokémon, the rider brushed her long, golden hair back and turned her head slightly, noticing Akara and Zeta, “Oh! You two must be getting ready to challenge the Aureolis Pokémon League, am I right? Well, I might as well introduce myself now; I’m Lily Mariel, you should probably recognize me since I’m the champion after all; anyways, I wish you the best of luck!”

Akara smiled, “Actually, Zeta wants to be the best performer in the entire Aureolis region, but I want to become the Aureolis champion and beat you!” she replied in a confident tone before walking past Lily to enter the Pokémon Centre.

Zeta hurried up to Akara as she entered the Pokémon Centre, “The Aureolian layout of Pokécentres is SOOOOOOO much better than the Kalosian ones I’ve seen!” Zeta said as she looked at the design of the Pokémon Centre;

“Come on! Enough admiring the design! I don’t have enough money for five Pokéballs, let alone ten!” Akara cried out before she dragged Zeta up the stairs, “You see, I can only buy three Pokéballs...” Akara said to Zeta at the top of the stairs;

“Oh, okay, I’ve got it covered!” Zeta said before walking towards the shop attendant, “I’d like ten Pokéballs” Zeta placed some money on the counter as she spoke; the attendant took the money and handed Zeta a smallish brown paper bag, she ran over to Akara and handed her the bag, “There you go! Ten Pokéballs!” Zeta said before heading down the stairs.

Before Akara and Zeta left the Pokémon Centre, Akara handed a small, pink treat, like the one Lily gave to her Linenird, only without the fancy toppings, “That’s a Pokéron, they’re really nice and Pokémon love them! The undecorated ones like that one only cost 100 Pokédollars each, I think the more decorated ones cost 500, 1,000 and then 100,000 for the multi-flavoured version!”
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