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Aureolis Stuff: The Allure of Aureolis Page 1

by ~Rinko~

~Rinko~ Akara gets her starter Pokemon and she and Zeta meet up with two boys on a similar journey as the girls. Also, Zeta starts to tire of Akara's rambling a bit.

Feel free to tell me your opinions on this story and if you want to be tagged in future instalments!
Akara Naskia smiled at the comparatively small town that she and her best friend Zeta Star had just entered, “Alright! Now I can get my starter Pokémon! I know which one I’ll pick! I’ll definitely pick Serpetta!” Akara cried out as she and Zeta walked to building in the middle of the town.

“I thought you wanted Tuluu though;” Zeta said somewhat quietly.

Akara was greeted by a tall woman, presumably in her mid-forties, who wore a silver top and jeans as well as a long white coat; “Oh! I wasn’t expecting anyone else to get a starter Pokémon from me today, but anyways, here they are,” the woman motioned towards a table on which three Pokémon were playing on.

Akara ran towards the table, “Thanks Professor Palm! I’ll take Serpetta!” she said before picking up a small, blue, green and cyan serpent-like Pokémon.

“Okay, here’s her Pokéball then;” the Professor handed Akara a regular Pokéball with a cyan teardrop shape on it.

“Thanks again Professor Palm!” Akara said as she rushed towards Zeta, picking up a Pokédex as she left the building.
Once they left the building, Akara said to Zeta: “Say, how about we have a quick battle? I know you want to be a performer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a Pokémon battle every now and again!”

Zeta hesitated, “Maybe sometime later...” she whispered.

Just before Akara and Zeta left Depasurun Town, two boys cut in front of them, “Hey! You’re slowing us down!” Akara half yelled at the two boys, “I can’t stand when people do that, one of you should face me in a battle!” the taller of the two boys stepped forward.

“I’ll take that challenge; I’m Aqua Kiyaira by the way,” he smirked before calling out “This should be easy, go on Flamer! You can do this!” he tossed a Pokéball with a small flame-like symbol on it into the air, out of it came out a small, quadruped red, orange and yellow Pokémon with a bushy tail.

“Flami-REEELLLLL!!!” It screeched out, ready for battle.

Akara smiled “That looks like a Flamirel, a fire type, am I right? Well then, Serpa, time for our first battle!” she said, placing her Pokémon down. “Serpa! Use Water Gun!” Akara called out, the small serpent Pokémon opened its mouth and shot out a weak blast of water at the Flamirel.

“Counter with Growl!” Aqua commanded.

“Flammmmmi!” the fire squirrel said, concealed beneath a vicious growl; the sound had no effect on the water that was being shot at it, but it still made the Serpetta shudder slightly.

“Water Gun again! It isn’t weakened by that useless growl!” Akara said once Serpa had finished firing the first Water Gun; the second blast of water was faster than the first one, hitting the Flamirel and immediately fainting it.

“Stupid type advantages...” Aqua mumbled before tossing some money towards Akara and heading onto Route 1.


Akara and Zeta looked at the short, but wide, path; Akara looked at Zeta and her Pidove, who was cleaning her wings, “So, Zeta, you know where the nearest Contest Hall is? Just wondering.”

“Actually, I don’t know for sure, I think it’s just south of Flinena City though. I think we should’ve paid more attention to everything on the way here Akara...” Zeta replied, petting the Pidove that was resting on her right shoulder.

Akara smiled, “Oh, okay, let’s explore around a bit then, I bet there’s a ton of things we can do on the way to Flinena City, and then Calidior City, and after that Tatami City, and then after THAT Rinavoir City, and after THA-” Zeta swiftly moved her hand to cover Akara’s mouth.

“Please stop rambling Akara, it gets annoying really quickly,” Zeta said before moving her hand of Akara’s face.

“Like I was saying, afte-” Akara started talking, but Zeta interrupted by covering Akara’s mouth again.

“I asked you to stop rambling and you didn’t, that ALWAYS happens, you should know not to ramble too much,” Zeta huffed with annoyance.

Akara sighed and rolled her eyes, “Okay, I just need to remember all the important city names though; Flinena, Calidior, Tatami, Rinavoir, Umbra, Solaurea, Seanea and Pratus; Jamassant City is probably important too now that I think about it,” Zeta sighed, Akara had a fair point, remembering city names could be useful.
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  1. ~Rinko~
    @Leeon Yeah, I will, most likely once I figure out most of the minor city/town names and have an idea of what the random trainer teams will be like
    Jan 6, 2019
  2. Leeon
    Are you gonna do more of this story Pika?
    Jan 6, 2019
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  3. Leeon
    I REALLY liked the battle part! I felt like I was playing the game when Aqua said “Counter with Growl!”. This is a really good story @PrincessPika .
    Jan 4, 2019
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