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The adventures of Mina: The Adventures of Mina: Blessings to Hoenn

by Poketheme

After Amelia, real name Alezia, Princess of Kalos, descendant of Az, defeated the remains of team rocket, the team that forced her into hiding and killed her friend and cousin, she was moved to Hoenn to live with Yellow, a strange yet enthusiastic tourist who has befriended a Jirachi. Becuase i Hoenn no one knows of Amelia, or her adventures as Mia in Kanto, so she goes back to the name she was raised with, Mia, and red was able to return to her all her pokemon from Kanto. But trouble follows everywhere Mia goes. Ruby and Saphire, agents of a spy agency run by the champions, have been kidnapped by team Aqua and Magma, and Mia can't help to spring into action when her friend Green tells her this. So she and yellow save the agent couple. They tell her that the two teams want to dominate the world with Groudon and Kyogre respectively, but to do that they must go to war, and the only thing that can control the legendary Pokemon are the red and blue orb, which can only be touched by the purest of destiny. Ruby and Salhire are those with the purest of destiny. So, after telling the spy agency, Ruby recruits Yellow as a spy trainee, while saphire does the same for Mia. Green also reveals she works for the agency. After traveling through the region hot on the teams tales, they end up being forced to try and stop the war, which begins destroying Hoenn. Using Jirachi's wish power, Yellow revives, and catches, the legendary golems, and regigigas to fight the two teams. While Ruby and Saphire manage to control Kyogre and Groudon, the teams still war, and only rayquaza can stop it. Suddenly, Mia glows and a green orb somewhere out of her chest. Using it, she can control Rayquaza. She stops the war, and is later ranked up along side yellow to the same rank as Ruby and Saphire. And once again our story ends with a happy ending for Mia, but you never no what could happen when you are in the Pokemon world.