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Bryce X-tras: The 50 likes Pokémon X Special

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer Yay 50 likes! Started out as a critic then became a writer that has a freaking IPad.. 5 months of Absol is cool to Bryce I owe it all to my IPad and Pokémaniacness...
Bryce X-Tra 3 dealing with all the other Bryces "hey how many Bryces are there!?" Said Bryce the Scientist "let's see for ourselves!" Said Jack AKA Bryce the Scientist "here's the list" Said Jack Bryce,Bryce the ruin maniac,Bryce the dark trainer,Bryce the fire trainer,Bryce the Bulbasaur,Bryce AS,Bryce S,Bryce HG,Bryce X,Bryce B2,Bryce Pt,Bryce the Marowak and Bryce the scientist "...I'm catching all of the Bryces" Bryce the scientist said "yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!" Bryce the scientist said summoning all of the Bryces 1 second later "Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon!" All the Bryces said they were battling each other and talking to each other "uh Bryce I mean Bryce the scientist?" Said Jack "what?" Said Bryce the scientist "Get them out of my Lab!" Said Jack yelling "k" Bryce the scientist teleported them back to their own worlds "done!" Bryce the scientist then smiled "I'm going home" said Jack The En- "Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon!" Shut up! The End!!!!!