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Pokémon Retro Randomized: The 2nd Best...Almost

by PumpedMGM

PumpedMGM Part 1 of my written randomizer of Pokemon retro
*Chooses [Magby] with a whopping 33% percent . Omg the First encounter is a shiny Pancham but I have no poke balls. Good thing to know that I can catch my 3rd favorite Pokemon.*Looks at moves peck,ember,tackle it's an okay move set wasn't expecting flamethrower or somthing* Use Peck *Cause it's a fighting type* It's super effective. *so close to a insta kill * Use tackle Gained 2 levels. Goes to level 100 jk.Ok it's time to heal up.7 seconds later, It's time for the rival battle but first when healed my mom gave my 5 pokeballs.Ok here's our first real encounter it's a Pancham yay.Use ember not peck. *Throws pokeballs 3 shakes yay. Prof. comes-Before you battle Tobias here's a Pokédex.
*Ok where's tobias?* There he is Tobias-HEY YOU WANNA FIGHT BRO.Sure.Sents out a Metegross*WHAT ILLEGAL ITS LEVEL 4* Ember KO*Really so much exp good thing I equipped an exp share to Pancham Nicknamed Poncho.Tobias-Hey what's your starter Pokemon's Name Mine is so special-PumpedJr Ok *Phew I am not going to do a nuzlocke*
  1. PumpedMGM
    All Pokemon are number generated and all names are randomized exept for PumpedJr
    Apr 15, 2015