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The 20 Second Challenge

by RainbowEevee27

RainbowEevee27 Just a random challenge I made up!
The 20 second challenge works like this: find a specific thing to draw, and look up a picture of it. Study the picture for 20 seconds, then do the following:
find another picture of that person. The catch is that the picture has to resemble the person less. For example, if you looked up a picture of Ash from Pokemon, it would have to be an Ash MLP or PPG, or something along the lines of that. It can also be a chibi that's not as detailed as the original picture. The goal is to try to get the best resulting picture out of this source, keeping the actual photo in mind.
(Tell me if you want to try it but it doesn't make sense, and I'll try to explain it a bit better.)

Have a nice day!
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