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That Brick Wall

by pokeman266

pokeman266 This is my attempt at being all poetic and such. I'm basically trying to say that you should take chances in life, that you need to take risks. You shouldn't be afraid because before you know it life will be over. Please tell me if I've made any mistakes in spelling/grammar
At first sight the world is filled with light
But shadows soon creep towards you
Scared, you build a brick wall to shield you
Every time you hear a frightening sound
You keep on adding to that wall
When your wall is complete after many years
You see a crack and you look through it
You see the light that had been there before
A paradise filled with wonder
But that wall that you built to protect yourself
Is so strong that you can't get out
It was keeping you away from that light
You spend the rest of your life
Trying to break those walls
When you finally make a hole large enough
You step through to that glorious world
But it's too late, you have grown old
You only have a few seconds
Of that sweet sweet paradise
Before you wither and die
  1. Azur
    It's so true, but I think I may end up this... If it weren't for my friends.
    Feb 6, 2015