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Thanks for 1,500+ Likes!

by Lord Of Pain

20170419_202418-1-1.jpg 20170419_202418-1-2.jpg 20170419_202418-1-3.jpg 20170419_202418-1-4.jpg
Lord Of Pain Thanks for all the likes guys!

In order we have here me (or how I see myself as a fantasy character)

Me as one of my fan made pokemon evil team admins

My 4 PRP characters Phobos, Zodiac, Valmont, Nicholas and Natalie

And finally the main character of an anime I plan to make and his name is Raven Acewing and my Creepy pasta OC Henry Hell's Son! :D
  1. Mewtwofan259
    :up: Congrats Pain. Your art is really good, as well as your ideas. Think you could do another Art like this but with the research squad? You, I, Eeveechu, Sismic, Argonaut, maybe even Tom.
    Apr 19, 2017
    Lord Of Pain likes this.